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Alexandra Daddario boobs

Alexandra Daddario is an American actress best known for her TV series True Detective. She has a gorgeous figure, the highlight of which is her big breasts! You can see Alexandra Daddario naked in the movies, on glossy covers and in a photo from the personal archive. There are explicit scenes with the participation of the star in the TV series True Detective, the films The Attic and American Horror Story. Eroticism in films, even if the actress appears in underwear, excites the male audience. The star does not yet have 18+ photos stolen by hackers and hot shots in Playboy or Maxim magazine. But they were pleased with the paparazzi, who filmed a celebrity on vacation in a swimsuit. In the photos through the open bikini, boobs and a toned butt are visible.

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Interesting Facts

  • In 2014, Daddario starred in a candid photo shoot for Vanity Fair magazine. In addition, the actress's profile ended up on the website of the Playboy publication. Alexandra is not shy about appearing naked in the frame if the script requires it. Alexandra Daddario boobs can be detected in a lot of movie scenes.
  • In 2015, the artist acted as the face of the Swiss brand Movado, a large watch company.
  • In addition to feature films, Alexandra participated in other projects. The star can be seen in the music video of the popular American indie band Imagine Dragons for the song Radioactive. In addition, Daddario voiced video games.
  • Four-legged pets live in the house of Alexandra Daddario – several dogs and a red cat Marvin. Pets often become the heroes of posts on the actress's Instagram page.


Alexandra Daddario admits that she pursued her childhood dream of becoming an actress long and hard, at first appearing only in episodes of soap operas. The actress knew that television series performers do not often manage to make a career in Hollywood, but she believed in luck and turned out to be right. At the "dream factory" they appreciated the unusual appearance of the beauty and outstanding talent.

Childhood and youth

Alexandra Anna Daddario was born March 16, 1986 in New York in a family of lawyers. Mother Christina worked as a lawyer, father Richard served as a prosecutor, and in addition, headed the police department for combating terrorism. There were also politicians in the family: my paternal grandfather served in the House of Representatives from the Democratic Party for more than 10 years.

In addition to Alexandra, Christina and Richard raised two more children – a sister, Katarina, and a brother named Matthew Daddario, who also grew up as an artist (TV series "Shadowhunters"). In the family of the performer there are Hungarians, British, Italians and Irish.

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From an early age, Alexandra dreamed of an acting career, although she understood that her parents would not immediately accept her daughter's choice. Daddario attended a private institution for girls Brearley School, but at the age of 16 she moved to the New York Professional Children's School, where there was a specialized class with a theatrical bias. Then she studied the art of impersonation at Marymount Manhattan College.


Although Alexandra dreamed of a film career from the age of 11, she only got on the set at 16, when in 2002 she was invited to star in the role of the victim of teenage cruelty Lori Lewis in the daytime soap opera All My Children. The soap opera aired weekdays on ABC for over 40 years. The appearance in a major television project served as a great start.

Two years later, Alexandra began to participate in the filming of popular television series, including the legal drama Law & Order. In the same 2004, the road to Pier 62 at Chelsea Pier, which often appeared in the frame, was called the Law and Order Road.

Another notable multi-part picture in which Daddario worked is The Sopranos. The crime tape attracted attention not only by the plot, but also by the fate of the artists. It is noteworthy that some performers had problems with the law. So, Tony Sirico, embodied in Paulie Galtieri, was arrested 28 times in his youth for various crimes, Robert Iler robbed tourists and carried marijuana in his pocket, and Lilo Brancato, Jr., kept heroin at all.

A new breakthrough in the creative biography occurred in 2009, when Daddario, in the image of Kate Moreau, the beloved of the protagonist (Matt Bomer), appeared in the serial film White Collar. The role did not bring the actress great popularity, but it was here that the leaders of the new fantasy film project noticed the girl and invited Alexandra to play the daughter of the goddess Athena Annabeth Chase in the youth adventure film Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief.

In 2010, the audience could watch the game of Daddario in the TV series "Parents". The fans remembered the family drama, including thanks to the soundtracks. Fans especially appreciated the composition of Bob Dylan Forever Young. It is worth noting that Bob competed with Jack's Mannequin lead singer Andrew McMahon, but the producers chose Dylan's song.

In 2013, Alexandra took part in the filming of the fantasy film Percy Jackson and the Sea of ​​Monsters, which confirmed the popularity of the actress. Daddario herself spoke of this work as quite important. The performer is glad that she was involved in a project that inspires teenagers.

In the same year, Daddario starred in the horror film The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D, which is a sequel to the 1974 film. Alexandra did not watch the previous series, because she does not like films of this genre, terrible shots scare a celebrity. But, having agreed to the role, I had to get acquainted with them, and Alexandra Anna considered the tapes exciting.

However, looking through the edited final version, the artist still felt fear, even knowing that these were shootings in which she herself took part. But the audience got the opportunity to admire the charms of the performer, when the naked bust of the heroine Heather Miller periodically appeared from under the shirt during the hanging scene.

In 2014, the popular neo-noir psychological thriller True Detective was released, in which Daddario played Lisa Tragnetti, the mistress of a key character. The actress is proud of participating in the multi-part film, as she believes that she has learned a lot in collaboration with Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson. The project served as an important milestone in my career, opening up new perspectives.

In 2015, Alexandra's filmography was replenished with the film "The San Andreas Fault", where the actress got the role of Blake Gaines, the daughter of the main characters Ray and Emma (Dwayne Johnson, Carla Gugino). During the earthquake, the family comes together to survive. For her work in the blockbuster, which grossed $ 473 million at the box office, Daddario received a nomination for the Teen Choice Awards.

In addition, Daddario participated in the film adaptation of the novel Choice by Nicholas Sparks, released in 2016. The film was about hardened bachelor Travis (Benjamin Walker) who one day falls in love with a neighbor named Gaby (Teresa Palmer). Alexandra got the secondary image of Monica.

In the spring of 2017, the long-awaited premiere of the film version of the series "Baywatch" took place, the creation of which was announced back in 2012. The heroines in swimsuits looked spectacular against the backdrop of characters with athletic torsos, and the plot claimed to be a successful film version of the famous project. At the box office, the picture brought the creators only $ 177 million, which did not live up to expectations. Despite the stellar cast, the action movie received negative reviews from film critics and received 4 nominations for the Golden Raspberry.

At the same time, another film was released with the participation of Alexandra – "House". This is a crime comedy about the parents of a student who set up an underground casino with roulette in a neighbor's mansion. And soon the show of the melodrama "Parking" started, in which the actress starred in the image of the friend of the heroine Kate Upton, with whom she entered into a serious struggle for the heart of her lover (Matt Barr).

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The new main role went to Daddario in the detective thriller We Have Always Lived in the Castle. It is worth noting that Saoirse Ronan claimed the place of Alexandra. Filming of the mystical picture took place in the mysterious corners of Ireland.

Among the projects of 2019 in which Alexandra Anna Daddario worked, the black comedy Why Women Kill stands out. Although the tape received lukewarm reviews from film critics, ordinary viewers found the plot quite exciting.

2020 was marked for the actress by the premiere of the thriller All Shades of Tokyo, where Daddario again starred. This time Alexandra had a chance to admire the urban Japanese landscapes.

Personal life

Daddario has strict parents who forbade their daughter to meet with young people until she was 18 years old. The first guy was actor and screenwriter Jason Fuchs. The relationship lasted three years, but the gap turned out to be so difficult that Alexandra preferred not to think about Jason, only once mentioning her former lover in an interview.

Daddario's relationship with his partner in the Percy Jackson saga, Logan Lerman, caused a lot of talk. The stars were often seen together. Starting in 2011, the actors appeared in each other's company at parties, went on trips, but at the same time continued to claim that they were united only by friendly feelings.

Later, the actress was credited with an affair with a partner in the film "Malibu Rescuers" Zac Efron, with whom Alexandra appeared in an embrace at the presentation of the film in Sydney. Celebrities answered questions from journalists about relationships evasively and smiled mysteriously.

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In 2021, Daddario's personal life has undergone a change. In May, the actress posted on her Instagram account (the social network is banned in the Russian Federation, it belongs to the Meta corporation, which is recognized as extremist in the Russian Federation) a romantic picture with producer Andrew Form, thereby declaring a new love to the world. It is curious that one of the first likes under the photo belonged to Form's ex-wife Jordana Brewster.

In August 2021, Form proposed to his chosen one, and in June 2022, Alexandra married Andrew. The wedding took place in New Orleans.

The height of the celebrity is 173 cm, and the weight is 57 kg.

Alexandra Daddario now

Alexandra Daddario does not leave indifferent admirers of female beauty. A celebrity attracts with a heavenly eye color, regular features and ideal figure parameters. The undoubted advantage of the actress is breasts of the 4th size, donated by nature.

Now Alexandra is in demand in the profession. For July 2021, two premieres were announced with the participation of the artist. Comedy fans have been eagerly awaiting HBO's White Lotus, which features American favorite Jennifer Coolidge, known as "Stifler's Mom," in the foreground. The creators positioned the tape as a social satire.

The main role went to Daddario in the full-length action movie Passion, Love and Trunks. The picture became another variation of Shakespeare's tragedy Romeo and Juliet. Alexandra's partner was Diego Boneta.

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