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Why do the Kardashians keep their children hidden?

While the females are being exposed, the newborns are shielded from social media. A trend that seems to be common for male Kardashian Jenner

If you are a fan of the Kardashians or happen to find their photos or articles dedicated to them in your feed, you will be familiar not only with the sisters, namely Kim, Kylie, Khloé, Kourtney and Kendall, but also their respective children.

Children who, by the way, are increasing day by day. Just to give a little recap, Kim alone has four: the super famous North, 9, who is now omnipresent at fashion shows, then Chicago (4), Saint (6) and Psalm (3). 

She is closely followed by Kourtney, with her three children with her historic ex Scott Disick: Mason (12), Penelope (10) and Reign (7). Finally Khloé and Kylie, two children each. Poor Khloé with the infamous Tristan Thompson, with whom she had True in 2018 and who recently welcomed a second child via surrogacy, a boy whose name is not yet known; Kylie on the other hand with Travis Scott: the first daughter is called Stormi and is 4 years old, the second son on the other hand does not yet have a definite name, as the parents, who initially christened him Wolf, have decided to change it but have not yet decided on which one to adopt permanently. Okurrrr.

A strange coincidence, however, this one of the still unknown names of the clan's latest offspring, adding to the fact that not only Khloé and Kylie have decided to hold back on the name, but also not to show any pictures on social media, contrary to what they did for their daughters. A seemingly unusual behaviour but one that, on closer inspection, seems to be a family habit.

Do the Kardashians tend to keep their sons hidden? Evidence there is none, but clues many.

The most striking case is that of Mason Disick, whose birth was shown worldwide on reality TV, the first case of live birth on TV. Kourtney and Scott's eldest son was shown to the world from a very young age and yet he has long since disappeared from the radar, apparently at his own request. In fact, it seems that after revealing some burning truths via live feeds on Ig in 2020 and being banned from having his own account, Mason asked to no longer appear on the family's profiles, who complied with his request. The only images circulating on the net are in fact the work of the paparazzi.

If for Mason it seems to be a personal choice, the same cannot be said for Kylie and Khloé's children, whose intention seems to be to protect them from the media exposure to which the girls are subjected. A behaviour that would also seem to have been adopted by Kim, especially in more recent times: Psalm and Saint, the two boys of the West household, are much less ostentatious and published on social media than the two sisters, who are instead over-photographed and taken by their mother to events and fashion weeks.

Why this unequal treatment?

The official reasons are not known, but if we look at the family history, we can assume that it is a business-oriented choice, like all those linked to the Kris Jenner management. In fact, the most famous momager in the world has always worked with females, and has always taken little interest in the career of the only male of the house, Rob, who has gradually disappeared from the reality show (and therefore from the interest of the crowds). A fate that has not befallen the youngest, Kylie and Kendall, who have lived their whole lives in the spotlight, at times suffering enormously from this situation, as Kylie has repeatedly said in the past.

But in a family where clothing, accessories and beauty products are sold, little girls are sadly a commodity that cannot be given up. And so North at 9 years old has already been elected a fashion icon, despite having complained over and over again about the intrusiveness of photographers, and Chicago at 4 years old is carried around by her mother as if she were a doll and compared by her mother to her supermodel aunt Kendall.

If the boys therefore seem to fare better than their sisters, for the latter there is no escape. And if for some traits this life may seem fun to them, it is clear that as they grow up they are showing more and more signs of intolerance towards cameras and photographers.

It remains to be seen whether they will be allowed, if they wish, to follow in Mason's footsteps or will be forced to remain exposed to the eyes of the world for the sake of the family business. With what consequences, we shall see.

Written by Michael Zippo

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