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Why Benzema always plays with a bandaged hand (which is now also gold)

The bandage on the hand of the French striker, the new Ballon d'Or winner, has become a characteristic feature of his.  Even after winning the prestigious award.

Karim Benzema has scored many goals, in a variety of ways: right-footed, left-footed, headed. He has just won the Golden Ball thanks to his success in the Champions League with Real Madrid (led by the Frenchman's goals, 15 in 12 games), with whom he also won the championship last year. A season of 44 goals in 46 appearances. Thanks to his magic little finger, but the one on his right hand! Strange but true, a necessity that has become a superstition, and that bandage that has accompanied him for almost three years the characteristic trait of one of the strongest European bombers around.

A Ballon d'Or bandage

On stage at the Theatre du Chatelet in Paris, Benzema presented himself without a bandage, but many, seeing him pick up the Ballon d'Or, noticed the shape of his right little finger, bent in a strange and unnatural way. Adidas, his personal sponsor and also that of Real Madrid, took the opportunity to make a video of it, with the now famous bandage that, just to stay in theme, changes colour. Because Karim, quoting the German company's equally famous claim, proved that nothing is impossible.

Why that bandage?

To explain the whole story, you have to go back to 13 January 2019, when, during the match against Betis Sevilla, Benzema broke his little finger in a clash of play with Bartra. 

An operation would have been needed, but the season was getting into full swing and the player decided to postpone it. No harm done, because from that moment on, with his hand bandaged, Benzema began scoring in bursts, and the need for the bandage soon merged with a healthy bit of superstition. He was then operated on during the summer, but soon afterwards suffered another blow that would necessitate another operation. No thanks: 'I had surgery a first time, the problem was that I had to stay out for two months. Then I got injured again, but now I don't have time for another surgery,' the striker explained. Who since the start of the 2019-20 season has been taking to the pitch with his conspicuous bandage on his right hand, accompanying him goal after goal. And goals have come in their droves, in the league, in the Champions League and also with the French national team jersey. 

All the way to the well-deserved Ballon d'Or, to be celebrated properly. Colouring everything that represents him in gold, from the number 9 on his jersey to the laces of his shoes. And, of course, even the bandage on his right hand. The one that makes him unique in all the stadiums of the World.

Written by Michael Zippo

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