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Who is Gabriel Aubry, Charlize Theron’s new (alleged) love

Since she broke up with Sean Penn in 2015, the South African actress has always said she was happily single. But now, according to Us Weekly, her heart would start beating again. For Canadian model Gabriel Aubry, still at war with her ex Halle Berry.

Since she broke up with Sean Penn in 2015, Charlize Theron, 46, one of the most beautiful women in the world, she hasn’t had, at least officially, a new love. But now things, at least to listen to Us Weekly, have changed: the heart of the South African actress has started beating again. For Canadian model Gabriel Aubry, 45, former partner of Halle Berry. The two were together from 2005 to 2010 and their not-so-friendly breakup has been feeding the pink pages for years. Because they fought for a long time in court: for the custody of their daughter Nahla, who is now 14, and for the thorny question of alimony that the actress is still forced to pay to the ex for the maintenance of the girl (if n ’ has also recently complained).

The names of Gabriel and Charlize had been associated as early as 2017. At the time, the actress had crushed the rising gossip by explaining that she knew Aubry simply because Nahla, his daughter, attended the same school as her two adopted children: August , 8, and Jackson, 10. Now something more has blossomed between the actress and the model: “They’ve dated several times,” an insider told Us Weekly. But to talk about love it is really early: «It’s a very relaxed situation. For now they are having fun».

If Charlize is really having a flirtation with Gabriel, the happiest of her is certainly little August, who had already said to her mother two years ago: «You know what mom? You need a boyfriend, you need a relationship! ” The actress at the time had replied: «At the moment I’m fine like that. I have a relationship with myself ». The diva herself told the story in Diane Von Furstenberg’s podcast on Spotify InCharge with DVF. She that she had then added: «From August’s gaze I understood that she had never contemplated such a thing. Her mind was shocked. But I know that at that moment you understood that having a relationship with yourself is possible ».

On the other hand, several times, in recent years, the actress has talked about her life as a «single and happy». And in 2020 she also downplayed her latest relationship: «I never thought about marrying Sean Penn. We went out together. That’s all, ”said guest on The Howard Stern Show. Clarifying once and for all that she, despite the rumors circulated between 2014 and 2015 at the time of their history, she never thought about the wedding with her star: «We had a relationship, this is true. But it lasted a little over a year. We didn’t move in together and I would never have married him. ” Who knows what Penn may have thought of the ex’s statements who dumped him for reasons still shrouded in mystery. What is certain is that it was not he who made the diva allergic to orange blossom: «I never wanted to get married. For me there is nothing strange, because it is my nature. That’s how I am, ”the actress clarified in another interview. Adding: “Being in a couple is not essential for me.” Charlize on matters of the heart has a very clear idea. And she never made a secret of her ideas. The handsome Gabriel Aubry, presumed new love of her, will not be able to say that he had not been warned …

Author: Michael Zippo
[email protected]

Sources: VanityFair, IO Donna


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