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Video chat is a great option for a first date

It is said that love, at first sight, is just a myth. It is impossible to feel deep romantic feelings for a person you are seeing for the first time. Yes, sympathy and even falling in love can arise, but this is not true love in the usual sense.

However, this does not mean that the first meeting does not play a special role. On the contrary! It is the first impression of a person that largely affects how we evaluate them in the future and the level at which a relationship might develop with one another.

Many well-known psychologists such as Daniel Kahneman, Richard Thaler, and Robert Cialdini have studied the influence of first impressions and concluded that they play a vital role in how we interact with others and make decisions.

  • It affects our attitude towards a person in the future: If the first impression is positive, we will look at them with sympathy and trust them, compared to when the impression was negative.

  • It affects our evaluation of personality traits: Regarding the first impression, we form an idea of the character, intelligence, and other qualities of a person. If the first impression is positive, we subconsciously try to see these qualities in a better way.

  • It affects our motivation for interaction: If the first impression is negative, we tend to avoid meeting this person again, on the other hand, if it is positive, we might look for new opportunities to communicate with them once in a while or often.

The difficulty of forming an objective first impression is that in the modern world, dating and communication are increasingly carried out on the Internet; often by texting. And such a format of communication is completely incapable of giving us an objective idea of a person’s character/attitude. As a result, after online dating, the first real meeting often causes a mismatch between expectations and reality. Those who meet are disappointed in each other, and their first date often turns out to be the last.

There are reasons the first meeting in real life should always be preceded by a video date and where to hold it

Video communication is the closest communication format to a real one. You see the interlocutor, hear their voice, and watch facial expressions and gestures. This creates the effect of presence; this makes your first impression of a person more accurate and objective.

Today, it is no longer a surprise that most dating apps, messengers, and even social networks have a video calling feature. We have put together a small selection of online platforms to enable you to meet and communicate via video chat.

1.   Traditional dating apps with video chat functionality

In recent years, video chats have been added to many popular dating applications. They are Tinder — one of the most popular dating apps of our time; Bumble — an app with priority features for ladies; Hinge — a dating platform with a unique matchmaking algorithm awarded with the Nobel Prize; OkCupid — a dating platform with a video call function that is available only after a mutual like; Coffee Meet Bagel — a platform where video calls are available only to users with mutual sympathy.

Dating apps were more active in introducing the video chat function during the Covid-19 pandemic because it was at this time (2019-2020) that the demand for video communication increased significantly. People were in dire need of high-quality means of communication at a distance due to the lack/gap of communication.

2.   Apps for video communication with built-in user profiles

Surely, the video calling feature is not a new phenomenon in principle. Currently, Internet technologies are developing rapidly and becoming more accessible, therefore interest in them has increased significantly.

There are quite a few online platforms that are specifically designed for video communication, but they have some elements of traditional dating applications. For example, user profiles. You can create a profile in Zoom or Skype. Certainly, such profiles are less informative than in classic dating, but they can still contain basic information about you. Also, you can fill the profile with basic information (or “pull it up” from another account) in FaceTime, Google Duo, MeetMe, and other video communication services. However, it is worth remembering that such platforms are more suitable for communicating with people whom you already know, and not for making new acquaintances. Although some of them have exceptions.

3.   Random video chats like Omegle

Random video chat is a great alternative to all of the above services. Dating and communication take place via video. This means that you can immediately form a more accurate and objective opinion about your chat partner.

There are dozens of popular video chats, but one of the first in this category is Omegle, which is popular to date and has been operating since 2009. Nonetheless, a huge number of worthy Omegle alternatives exist currently. Let’s take a quick look at them and what they offer their users.

Unlike Omegle, Omegle TV offers users a gender filter, which makes communication more convenient. Additionally, has a filter by gender. Also, OmegleTV has a built-in message translator and a great support team. Azar is a combination of classic Omegle-type video chat and video streaming services. If you like to watch or conduct video streams, you will definitely like this site. Camsurf, unlike Omegle, is a partially paid platform.  In addition to the standard chatroulette functions, it allows you to hide your location, use an introductory message, show a verification icon, and more. Chatous is designed for mobile devices and consists of a random video chat and a functional messenger option. Monkey allows you to chat one-on-one, in pairs, or a group chat depending on your preferences. HOLLA is a popular video chat that largely duplicates the functionality of Omegle that is available as a mobile app. ChatRandom is very similar to Omegle, but this video chat has themed chat rooms of interest for many participants.

Which dating format is best for you?

There is no unequivocal answer to this question. Each format has certain advantages and disadvantages. Also, each person has their own preferences and interests. Some people prefer traditional apps and dating sites, some are closer to communication in video chats, and others like to conduct video streams to a large audience, attracting the attention of tens or even hundreds of viewers.

However, no matter what format of dating you choose, it is very important that the first date in real life is preceded by a video meeting. Believe us when we say, “10 minutes of video conversation will help you form an accurate and objective impression of the interlocutor than multi-day communication in a text chat.”

It doesn’t matter how or where you meet, the most important thing is how prepared you are for the first real meeting and what impression you leave with the other person. Take this tip seriously, use different communication formats, expand your social circle, and finally, find only interesting people to talk to. Good luck!


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