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Victoria Beckham sings Stop to Karaoke. And she returns Spice Girl for one night

Posh Spice is still with us: on vacation in Saint-Tropez, Vic lets himself go and sings in a bar, with her husband David Beckham to pick her up. However, she doesn't think about abandoning her career in the fashion world.

She has long since moved away from the world of music. It is, however, the first love and, you know, the first love is never forgotten. So Victoria Beckham went back to singing. For one night only, Posh Spice without the rest of the Spice Girls. No new reunion in sight, no big stages and stadiums crowded with 90s nostalgics. Much more modestly, Vic has contented herself with performing karaoke.

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Her husband David Beckham took care of the scene. The two, after spending a few days off the Amalfi Coast on their yacht, moved north to Saint-Tropez. In a bar in the town of the French Riviera, Victoria put on a show: the former English singer (and now entrepreneur) played Stop, one of the hit songs of the Spice Girls. No long faces, the ones she has accustomed us to in recent years: Victoria Beckham has unleashed a lot of energy in memory of the old days.

"Karaoke night with the one and only Posh Spice" writes the former English football star in the video posted on Instagram. In a second cutscene, Beckham prepares to close her performance. Too bad that her microphone cable is disconnected and the only one able to hear her is David, who has stayed close to her to take her back. «Posh Spice unplugged. The last song of the evening just for me ". "Only for you David!" her wife replies in the comments. In short, the fans should not get too excited. Victoria Beckham will not be reuniting with the rest of the band. Already in 2019, the year of the great reunion of the Spice Girls for a series of concerts in Great Britain and Ireland, Vic had been the only one to back down. She better focus on her business than her in Los Angeles.

Author: Michael Zippo
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