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Victoria Beckham sings Madonna’s ‘Into the groove’ while doing her make-up

The former Spice Girl (now fashion guru) drives fans crazy by singing Madonna's famous hit while her hairdresser and make-up artist prepare her for the Today Show.

Always in a hurry and very serious in paparazzi shots, Victoria Beckham nevertheless maintains the playful spirit of the 'Spice Girls' days. Even in the beauty department, where she breaks the boredom by singing Into the groove together with her beloved glam team.

Posh Spice sings Madonna (and the web goes crazy)

After the tattoo cancellation affair, there was much talk of a crisis with her husband David Beckham, but true or alleged, the rumours evaporated in an instant thanks to the post that rewinds the tape of time and takes us back to the days of Posh Spice.

In the video, Brooklyn Beckham's mother is in her bathrobe in the beauty department and, between brush strokes and a brush of blush, happily sings the refrain of Madonna's famous 80s hit.

Loose hair with two-tone locks

It only takes a few seconds for fans to go wild, calling out, "Come back and sing!". In the meantime, the former Spice Girl proceeds with her make-up, she has to get ready for her TV appearance on the Today Show. Where among other things she presented the new glitter eye pencil Satin Kajal Jewel Liner from her Victoria Beckham Beauty line.

The beauty look envisaged to match the fluorescent green one-shoulder dress centred on loose hair with a beach wave effect in a brown shade. Hairstylist Ken Paves (the same hairstylist who prepared her chignon for her son's wedding to Nicola Peltz) adds a sunny touch to the brunette hue with the locks on the sides of her face lighter in an almost blonde shade.

Smoky eye make-up and brown gloss

The make-up, created by makeup artist Wendy Rowe, is a smoky eye created with eye shadow in the same shade as the hair, while the lips are painted with brown gloss. An homage to the 90s, perhaps suggesting a return to the stage?

In any case, the lipstick is in perfect harmony with the amber skin, which reveals a probable mid-autumn holiday to recharge after the exertions of Paris Fashion Week. The manicure is as sophisticated as ever with a very light pastel pink nail polish, a minimalist but glam 'almost beige' that says: Posh has grown up, but she could always come back.

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