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Twiga destroyed by whirlwind, Flavio Briatore furious with haters: ‘Italy is a country of grumpy people’

In a video posted on Instagram, the entrepreneur lashes out at those who cheered via social media over the damage suffered by the Versilia establishment owned by him and Daniela Santanchè: "I cannot understand why so much rancor. Twiga employs 150 people."

The bad weather that hit Versilia also hit the Twiga in Forte dei Marmi, owned by Flavio Briatore and Daniela Santanchè. While Santanché, with a video on Twitter, showed the devastation suffered by the establishment due to the very strong winds and torrential rain ("Months of work destroyed in a very short time"), Briatore with another clip posted on Instagram lashed out at the serial haters who rejoiced in front of the images of the torn tents and structures damaged by the gusts, which reached up to 150 kilometers per hour: "Today we had a whirlwind that destroyed half of Twiga. Reading the comments on social media I see that we made a lot of people happy. I don't understand what a country of rancor and losers Italy is, because Twiga employs 150 people and a multimillion-dollar industry to the area," Briatore blurted out. Then he went even harder: "I am happy on a day like this to make so many happy with the misfortunes that happen. These people are shit."

But Twiga is not the only damaged establishment in Versilia, which is why the businessman wanted to express his solidarity with the other bathhouses in Forte. "To all the establishments that have suffered damage goes our sympathy, because to see the work of months destroyed in a few hours is heartbreaking stuff. Now we will roll up our sleeves and reopen." Promise kept. A few hours ago Briatore announced the reopening of Twiga, thanking the staff who "worked day and night" to get the weather-ravaged establishment back on track.


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