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TOP-21 Best Online Art Classes in 2021

Art courses

Art is a therapy for both an artist and for those admiring his work. In the times of pandemic it’s even more important then ever to keep your mind calm and continue learning new skills.

A perfect way to do this is a number of digital art courses and digital art classes available via the Internet. With some lack of human-to-human physical real-life communication, these virtual art classes offer an unprecedented variety of content and dozens of remarkably talented authors happy to share their experience with the audience.

Here is a compilation of new digital Art Courses that will capture your mind and provide you with a lovely set of new art skills.

#1. Tactile Lettering: How to Make Art with Food & Objects

Tutor: Olga Muzician


New York graphic design studio founder Olga Muzician shares lettering and illustration skills utilizing bold colors and, interestingly, some less common elements like food and chalk. Olga’s experience includes work for Snapchat, Salvatore Ferragamo, Trader Joe’s, Chili’s, Dolce & Gabbana, Papyrus, Tillamook, Winsor & Newton, Harper’s Bazaar, Netgear and many others.

Course plan:

    1. Introduction
    2. Class Project
    3. What You’ll Need To Start
    4. Choosing Your Food & Copy
    5. Choosing Your Background
    6. Sketches
    7. The Challenges of Working with Food
    8. 3 Ways to Make Letters with Food
    9. Building Your Composition
    10. Adding Props & Decorative Elements
    11. Photographing Your Work
    12. Retouching Your Work
    13. Final Thoughts

#2. Art & Nature: Learn to Paint a Bird with Gouache

Valerie Mercier


Valerie teaches you to draw a gouache bird in less than a hour. She is a multidisciplinary artist with passion for drawing, nature and painting.

1. Introduction
2. Project Overview
3. Birds in Art
4. Sketch, Trace, Transfer
5. Learn to Layer Gouache
6. Make your Colour Palette
7. Let’s Get Painting!
8. Textures & Contrasts
9. Adding the Details
10. Conclusion PaintingBird

#3. Creative Inspiration: Illustrating the Everyday

Ojima Abalaka


A talented illustrator Ojima Abalaka will lead you through different ways of transforming your ideas into drawings and Photoshop art to create paintings you’d be proud of. All you need for the class is a pencil or pen, some simple coloring materials and a sheet of paper!

1. Introduction
2. The Project
3. Inspiration
4. Ideas
5. Sketching
6. Digitizing
7. Playing With Color
8. Photo & Illustration
9. Exporting
10. Conclusion

#4. Getting Started with Drawing

Brent Eviston


Watch one video per day with Master Artist and Instructor Brent Eviston and develop an essential drawing skill. You’ll get a project composed to raise and improve your drawing skills in a quick and efficient manner.

Course program:

1. Introduction to Basic Skills
2. How to Begin
3. Circles & Ovals
4. Straight Lines & the Shapes They Make
5. Charting the Course of Curved Lines
6. Putting it all Together
7. Scrub Jay Demo Pt 1: Simplifying Shapes
8. Scrub Jay Demo Pt 2: Adding Detail
9. Scrub Jay Demo Pt 3: Finishing the Drawing
10. Botanical Demo Pt 1: Basic Shapes
11. Botanical Demo Pt 2: Texture & Detail
12. Botanical Demo Pt 3: Finishing the Drawing
13. Figure Drawing Demo Pt 1: Gesture & Basic Shapes
14. Figure Drawing Demo Pt 2: Defining the Forms
15. Figure Drawing Demo Pt 3: Shading & Finishing
16. Orientation and Materials

#5. Acrylic Painting: Learn the Basics For Beginners

LaurieAnne Gonzalez


Meet LaurieAnne Gonzalez, an amazing Painter and a kind dog Lover, and learn to work in acrylic to capture all the beauty you can notice around. This online painting class is created for professional artists and beginners. She also helps to make professional quality prints from the original art.


1. Introduction
2. Workspace: Setting up
3. Workspace: Cleaning your glass palette
4. Workspace: Substrates (Paper/Canvas)
5. Preparing the Paper
6. Color Mixing: Resources
7. Color Mixing: Part 1
8. Color Mixing: Part 2
9. Color Mixing: Part 3
10. Brushes: Part 1
11. Brushes: Part 2
12. Brushes: Part 3
13. Brushes: Cleaning and Care
14. Texture: Part 1
15. Texture: Part 2
16. Dimension: Part 1
17. Dimension: Part 2
18. Dimension: Part 3
19. Dimension: Part 4
20. Dimension: Part 5
21. Depth of Field: Part 1
22. Depth of Field: Part 2
23. Depth of Field: Part 3
24. Depth of Field: Part 4
25. Depth of Field: Part 5
26. Depth of Field: Part 6

#6. Watercolor in the Woods: A Beginner’s Guide to Painting the Natural World

Rosalie Haizlett



1. Welcome to My Class!
2. Gathering Your Materials
3. Taking Your Reference Photo
4. The Pencil Sketch
5. Preparing Your Palette
6. Color Swatch Exercise
7. Starting Your Painting
8. Layering Watercolor
9. Adding a Background
10. Creating Texture
11. Refining Your Painting
12. Bonus Lesson: Paint a Fern!
13. Final Thoughts

#7. Learn How to Draw Pine Trees and How to incorporate them in your Watercolor Paintings

Zaneena Nabeel


The Plan:

1. Hello & Welcome!
2. Materials you’ll need
3. Pine trees – Part 1
4. Pine trees – Part 2
5. Pine trees – Part 3
6. Class Project 1 : Camp under the stars – Part 1
7. Class Project 1 : Camp under the stars – Part 2
8. Class Project 1 : Camp under the stars – Part 3
9. Class Project 2 : Dreamy full moon night – Part 1
10. Class Project 2 : Dreamy full moon night – Part 2
11. Class Project 2 : Dreamy full moon night – Part 3
12. More Inspiration

#8. Adventures in Gouache: Painting and Pattern Making Techniques

Kate Cooke


Join an amazing course with Textile Designer and Illustrator Kate Cooke and focus on how to paint with gouache and get the best out of it. Gouache can seem to be a difficult to start with, but Kate believes it’s at its best when used in a flat, slightly thicker way to give a bold graphic look.

What’s inside:

1. Introduction
2. The Project
3. Materials
4. Paint Techniques
5. Pattern Making
6. Inspiration
7. Color and Composition
8. Drawing and Painting
9. Final Thoughts

#9. Watercolor: Painting Veggies

Peggy Dean


Peggy Dean is a Top Teacher at The Pigeon Letters. You’re going to be paint several vegetables in this class and get familiar with form, value, and paper. Learn to paint with watercolor quickly and with pleasure!

Our plan:

1. Intro
2. Class Project
3. Materials Needed
4. Carrots
5. Radish
6. Broccoli
7. Tomato
8. Next Steps

#10. Greenery in Urban Sketching

Julia Henze


An amazing tutor and Urban Sketching lover, Julia Henze will show you an impressive intersection of art and urbanism. She is a freelance illustrator and urban sketcher from The Netherlands.

Course contents:
1. Intro
2. Materials
3. General Rules
4. Shapes
5. Textures and Details | Part 1
6. Textures and Details | Part 2
7. Shadows | Part 1
8. Shadows | Part 2
9. Colors | Part 1
10. Colors | Part 2

#11. Beginners Guide to Portrait Drawing

Ankit Jasmatiya


In this class Ankit Jasmatiya, an Indian artist, will teach you how to get your first skills in portrait drawing. Apart from this course, Ankit regularly uploads art tutorials on myhisYouTube channel (with more than 3,25,000 subscribers!)

Your way to portrait excellence:
1. Introduction of class
2. Episode 1 Intro : different tools required in this class
3. Episode 1 : different types of pencils
4. Episode 1: Other tools
5. Episode 2 Intro : Different shading techniques
6. Episode 2 : Different Shading techniques
7. Episode 3 Intro : Generic head anatomy
8. Episode 3 : How to draw generic head/face
9. Episode 3 : Various head angle drawing
10. Episode 4 Intro : Eyes, nose, Lips, hair
11. Episode 4 : How to draw Eyes
12. Episode 4 : Eyes continues
13. Episode 5: How to draw Nose
14. Episode 5 : Nose from different angles
15. Episode 6 : how to draw lips
16. Episode 6 : more lips angles
17. Episode 7: How to draw ears
18. Episode 7 : Ears different angles
19. Episode 8 Intro: How to draw hair
20. Episode 8 : How to draw different Hairstyles
21. Episode 9 : Outline drawing using Pencil measurement techniques
22. Episode 9 : How to do Pencil measurements
23. Episode 10 : how to draw outline of face using pencil measurement
24. Episode 10 : continues
25. Episode 11 : How to do shading on face
26. Episode 12 : How to finish a portrait

#12. Sketching Cars, Trees and Furnishings

James Richards


Join James Richards, a trusted author, talented Urban Sketcher and Travel Artist who will teach you to quickly sketch cars, trees and other urban elements with a high level of detail and absolutely realistic quality.

Lesson plan

1. Introduction
2. Your Class Project
3. Tools You’ll Use
4. Cars
5. Trucks and Buses
6. Adding Color: Vehicles
7. Trees: Branching
8. Trees: Full Leaf
9. Adding Color: Trees
10. Furnishings: Close Study
11. Furnishings in Context
12. Adding Color: Furnishings
13. Final Sketch: Perspective
14. Final Sketch: Fleshing It Out
15. Final Sketch: Details
16. Final Sketch: Darks
17. Watercolor: First Wash
18. Watercolor: Second Wash
19. Watercolor: Adding Detail
20. That’s a Wrap!

#13. Charcoal for Beginners & Artist

Ankit Jasmatiya


Another course from Ankit Jasmatiya will help you to get started using charcoal for drawing almost anything you observe around, starting from portraits, still life and wildlife.

#14. Black & White Landscapes

Sukrutha Jagirdhar


Learn Beginner , Intermediate & Advanced Techniques from Sukrutha Jagirdhar, a watercolor artist that is fascinated with water and colors, and especially with how they react and combine together in a magical dance…

Class program:
1. About The Class
2. Art Supplies
3. Techniques For Beginner Friendly Landscapes
4. Mysterious Forest
5. Galaxy Valley In The Night
6. Techniques For Intermediate Landscapes
7. Mist Around Mountains
8. Pine Forest
9. Techniques For Advanced Landscapes
10. Winter Cabin – Sketching
11. Winter Cabin – Background
12. Winter Cabin – Foreground
13. Winter Cabin – Detailing

#15. Futuristic Imaging: Photoshopping Your Pictures Into Abstract Art

Wan-Ru Lin


This is an impressive online digital art course from Wan-Ru Lin, a known artist and founder of RuRu Bomb Art studio based in London. Wan-Ru Lin is inspired by the modern videography and photography and will share her skills to help you make your own digital images and documentary videos.

Course overview:
1. Introduction
2. Overview of the Course
3. Your Course Assignment
4. Let’s Stretch the Pixels
5. How to Select Your Pictures
6. How to Create Colour Sheet
7. The Magic Blend
8. Let’s Dive into Colours
9. Futuristic Imaging Part 1
10. Futuristic Imaging Part 2
11. Let’s Stop and Think
12. Let’s Mock-up
13. Final Thought

#16. Draw Realistic Pencil Portraits

Helena Praxová


Study the Basic Techniques of portrait drawing with Helena Praxová, Artist and Illustrator, and start to draw your own remarkable, realistic pencil portraits.


1. Introduction
2. Supplies and how to use them
3. Basic measurements and anatomical landmarks
4. Shapes, planes and shading
5. The eye
6. The Nose
7. The Lips
8. Drawing from the reference pt 1
9. Drawing from the reference pt 2
10. Drawing from the reference pt 3
11. Excersises
12. Conclusion

#17. Brush Lettering Basics

Maricar Ramos


Maricar Ramos, Calligraphy & Watercolor Artist, will show you recommended brush pens for beginners,
talk about different types of paper to use to prolong the life of your pens and explain how to properly hold the brush pen.

Course plan:

1. Introduction
2. Recommended Brush Pens for Beginners
3. Types of Paper to Use
4. The Anatomy of Letters
5. How to Hold Brush Pen
6. Reminders Before You Start
7. The Basic Strokes
8. Class Project 1: Build Your Muscle Memory
9. Letters with Underturn Stroke
10. Letters with Overturn and Compound Curve
11. Letters with Oval Shape
12. Letters with Ascending Stem Loop
13. Letters with Descending Stem Loop
14. Remaining Lowercase Letters
15. Class Project 2: The Lowercase Alphabet
16. Letter Connections
17. Let’s Write Words
18. Spacing of Letters
19. Final Project
20. Final Thoughts

#18. Learn to Draw the Figure in Dramatic Light & Shadow

Brent Eviston


Another course from Brent Eviston, Master Artist & Instructor, with focus on shading theory, practice and techniques. Notably, the course includes 50 photographs of beautiful, fully nude figure models created specifically for practicing during the course.


1. Welcome and Orientation
2. Preparing to Shade
3. Dividing Light from Shadow
4. The Core Shadow
5. Cast Shadows
6. Midtones
7. Highlights & Refinements

#19. How to Paint Watercolor Wreaths on Your iPad in Procreate

Liz Kohler Brown


Learn the basics of digital painting with focus on watercolour with Liz Kohler Brown, artist, talented designer and beloved teacher.

List of lessons:

1. How to Paint Watercolor Wreaths on Your iPad in Procreate
2. Brushes & Paper
3. Getting Inspiration
4. Adding Text
5. Single Color Wreath
6. Guides & Masking
7. Multi-Color Effects
8. Collaging Wreath Elements
9. Adjusting Wreath Elements

#20. YouTube Masterclass: How to Build a Meaningful Channel

Anas Nuur Ali


How to create an engaging, notable YouTube channel and content? Join Anas Nuur Ali, Doctor and Youtube creator, in his course to get an overview of how to build and sustainably grow a meaningful YouTube channel. Regardless if you have made videos before or not, he will lead you through the first steps to success.

Couse plan:
1. Intro
2. Finding your purpose
3. Finding your niche
4. How to be yourself on camera
5. Equipment
6. The 2 most important rules
7. Titles & Thumbnails
8. YouTube algorithm
9. Frequently asked questions
10. Final thoughts

#21. Travel Sketching in Italy: Simplify a Complex Scene

Amy Stewart


A remarkable Writer & artist Amy Stewart will help you to learn a few techniques for quickly capturing a complex scene, having Italy as your muse. Amy is the New York Times bestselling author of number of books. Apart from writing, she’s also committed to painting and drawing in ink, watercolor, gouache, and oil.

Your steps:
1. Introduction
2. Project & Supplies
3. Pencil
4. Pen
5. Brush Pen
6. First Watercolor Layer
7. Second watercolor layer
8. Final Thoughts

Art fundamentals
We are living in the times of super-quick, 5-second-maximum communications and learning. However, without a solid foundation you can never be considered a professional and master artist. Moreover, you will be always frightened by any unknown and unusual circumstances that could kill your inspiration. Learn the art fundamentals to ensure you are always self-confident and can conduct the inspiring ideas to the masterpiece.

Drawing classes

Drawing is usually among the first lessons in the row of different art classes. Considered as relatively easy one, it is surely not that easy sometimes and require a lot of practice t develop an artist’s feeling.

Different Illustration courses, apart from Drawing fundamentals and Creative Drawing, normally include Sketching as a separate topic because of its importance for applications: even if your focus is outside the Drawing itself, there can be dozens of situations which would require a well-developed sketching skills.

Painting courses

The best online painting classes are usually targeted on a specific audience. That is because the set of techniques is quite different whether you are a beginner making your first steps with gouache or an experienced painter taking a digital painting course to improve skills.

Drawing and painting
Among all the painting techniques, the Watercolor Painting is probably the most romantic and inspiring one: nothing can ever compete with the feeling of freedom, lightness and happiness brought by watercolour paintings!

Acrylic Painting
Acrylic painting course might be a bit overcomplicated for a complete beginner, but it is compensated by the talent of the teacher: even without any solid experience in acryl, you’ll be able to create your first adorable painting with the help of master artist.

Three dimensional art
Being a distinct and a bit special niche, 3D art requires a perfect sense of volume, shading and perspective. A strong combination of theory and practice required here, which again brings us to the importance of the Tutor.

Still life drawing
Life drawing can not only serve as a practice, but give a really impressive outcome! As usual, it is all about inspiration, your own vision and a mentor navigating you through.


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