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Tom Hardy wins gold medal at martial arts championship

To everyone's surprise, Tom Hardy showed up at a jiu-jitsu championship. The actor, who holds a blue belt, has been training in the martial arts for over ten years. 

Tom Hardy surprised everyone at the 2022 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Open Championship this weekend. First by deciding to compete, then by winning the gold medal. The actor earned his blue belt in jiu-jitsu, competing in the martial arts competition at Oakgrove School in Milton Keyes, England, about an hour outside London, on Saturday. According to People, a representative of Ultimate Martial Arts Championship, the organisers of the tournament, described Tom Hardy as "a very nice, very humble person". 

While his appearance came as a surprise to onlookers, the Mad Max star had made secret arrangements with the event organisers to attend the tournament weeks in advance. Event sponsor Sean Rosborough told the Daily Mail: "We found out he was probably coming a few weeks before. He was brilliant. A lot of people were asking for photos and coming up to him, and he had no problem with that."

"He tore it up"

On the tatami, the movie star managed to knock out every one of his opponents. For his final match, he faced Andry Leatherland, who said he signed up for the tournament after seeing the actor's name on the list of competitors. "I was considering entering the tournament because it was very local. Then one morning I saw that Tom Hardy had entered under the name Edward Hardy," explained Andry Leatherland. He went on to describe the actor as "very focused" throughout the day. He admitted that the actor was able to beat him after "a mistake that he capitalised on" before concluding with a, "He tore it up, he turned me inside out and it was over pretty quickly."

This is not the first gold medal in jiu-jitsu that the actor has won recently. In August, he walked away with two more medals after competing in a charity event in Wolverhampton, UK. According to Newsweek magazine, Tom Hardy began learning jiu-jitsu in preparation for his role in the 2011 film Warrior. He had been working with REORG, an organisation that offers Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as a form of therapy for former military personnel. 


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