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The shock of Olivia Wilde, who received the legal documents on stage for the custody of the children

The actress was presenting her new film at CinemaCon 2022 when a woman handed her an envelope. She opened it and it’s bleached. Because inside, as People reveals, were the legal documents on the custody of the two children had by the ex Jason Sudeikis.

For seven years Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis have been one of the most beautiful couples in Hollywood (see gallery below). But in mid-2020 the two, parents of two children (Otis Alexander, 8, and Daisy Josephine, 5) said goodbye. And in November of the same year she made love with Harry Styles official. According to PageSix it was the British singer who caused the end of the relationship between the two actors: “Jason sensed something, he brought up the topic, and at that point Olivia left him”, wrote the American gossip site at the time, explaining that Sudeikis, very much in love with his partner, was “desperate and upset.”

Two years after the farewell

Two years after the farewell, a new twist: as People tells, Olivia was delivered the legal documents for the custody of Jason’s children just as she was on the stage of the Caesar Palace in Las Vegas, where she was held CinemaCon 2022. Wilde was talking about his first film as director, Don’t Worry Darling (starring Harry Styles), in front of a packed audience, when a woman sitting in the front row handed her an envelope with written on “Personal and Confidential”. And she, amazed (like the rest of those present): “Is it for me?”. Then, intrigued by that “very mysterious” thing, she decided: “I’ll open it now, because it looks like a script.” After opening it she is whitened, but she recovered quickly. She said “ok, I understand, thanks” and continued with the presentation of Don’t Worry Darling.

An insider assured People that there was no script in that envelope, but the legal documents that Sudeikis sent her and that “concern the custody of their two children.” But why hand them over just as Olivia was onstage, embarrassing her in front of everyone? The timing might suggest Jason’s revenge, but People’s source assures this is not the case: “Mr. Sudeikis was unaware of the time or place where the envelope would be delivered, and would never have accepted that was delivered so inappropriately. It all depended on the procedural services company in charge of the delivery”. Wilde and Sudeikis’ lawyers, interviewed by People, declined to comment on the affair. But family law attorney David Glass, who is not involved in the case, told the US magazine that it is “highly unlikely” that Sudeikis did not know in detail how and when the envelope would be delivered. Revenge, as we know, is a dish that must be served cold …


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