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The perfect curly tail exists and it’s cool. Like Nicole Kidman’s

In her latest Instagram post, the star of 'Eyes Wide Shut' and 'Big Little Lies' sports an effortless hair look perfect for modernising autumn outfits.

On Thanksgiving, Nicole Kidman posts an ultra-romantic image with the Baltimore landscape at sunset and the coolest hairstyle for fall 2022. A very long, curly, soft and vaguely dishevelled ponytail, perfect to spice up the classic trench coat.

Nicole Kidman: the perfect soft crop with the trench coat

A classic wide, genderless trench coat with a timeless cut, the landscape of typical woods and cottages in the sunset light. The star of 'Eyes Wide Shut' and 'Big Little Lies' seems immersed in a 19th century painting, but it is only her latest Instagram post.

A salute to the set of her latest effort as actress and co-producer, the series 'Lioness', made even more romantic by the hairstyle in the foreground.

The elegant but cool pony tail

After the ginger phase that marked last spring and summer, the star's hair is now a very light blonde again and is gathered into an effortlessly chic pony tail. The long locks that reach mid-back have a soft and voluminous curly style, with intentional touches of frizz only in the tail. A new chapter in the series of ultra-modern hairstyles launched during the last Paris Fashion Week.

The art of being curly (forever)

Perfect curls are the focus of this vaguely messy yet refined hairstyle. The merit is the impeccable texture: bright, defined, soft at first glance. And here the doubt arises that the photo in question is also a subtle reference to Vegamour, the hair wellness brand for which the star (for many years an icon of natural curls) is testimonial.

'I've been using Vegamour products all the time for a while now,' she says in the promotion post, 'and my hair is stronger and fuller-bodied than ever. My favourite product is the Scalp Detoxifying Serum, followed by the Shampoo Conditioner. In the evening, I then apply the hair serum with a massage'.

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