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It’s not a stretch to say that most people can’t survive without their phones. The average time a person spends on their phone is about three hours daily. The number becomes mind-boggling when you compare it to our weekly usage. Not just for fun, phones have a variety of uses.

When thinking of business or privacy, many people prefer to have a disposable number. If you are like many of us then you might be thinking about how to get one. The options might be overwhelming or the process is made complicated by some companies, but we’re here to help.

This guide is here to solve that issue. We will summarize everything you need to know about disposable numbers. After reading this, you will know how to get one and make your life easier.

Differences Between a Mobile and Virtual Number

The main difference between a mobile number and a virtual one is that a virtual number can be used for call forwarding for businesses. Unlike mobile numbers, a virtual number does not need a mobile phone. You can use your laptop, iPad, or devices that can connect to the internet.

Virtual numbers are not limited by coverages like traditional mobile numbers. You can use it in over 90 countries and 6,500 cities when using Telnum. This is good for individuals or businesses that operate from home or remote locations.

How To Get a Disposable Number For Twitter

There are several ways to get a disposable phone number, one of which is to get a fake phone number for Twitter. You may want to do this to increase your privacy, or to make it easier to access a business Twitter account without using your number.

Using a temporary phone number allows you to do just that.

Many businesses offer just the service, like Telnum. Telnum offers virtual numbers that can be used to sign up for websites like Twitter without having to use yours and compromise your privacy.

 With a short-term option, you’ll have a temporary phone number that you can use and discard afterward. If you simply want to create a Twitter account, this makes it possible for you to sign up without having to use the number again.

Once your number is activated, simply go to Twitter and sign up as you would. You’ll get a verification code when you’re done using the number you provided. This method allows you to create multiple accounts on Twitter for your business or privacy’s sake.

Long-Term Solution For Twitter

The long-term option for using a disposable phone number for Twitter includes renting the number monthly. This option allows you to have a second number which means you can use it when you’ve forgotten your password and need to regain access to your account.

This means you no longer need to fill out the email section that’s associated with your Twitter. 

Additionally, renting a phone number for a long period can be helpful if you plan on having a Twitter account for a long time. For example, if you manage a business’s social media presence online this can help to make sure you’re always able to interact with the clients.

Clients are quick to leave when they feel like they’re being treated like a transaction. Being able to interact with potential leads can help to build a relationship and prevent that. 

Disposable Phone Number For Facebook

A disposal number prevents you from using your personal information online when signing up for Facebook. Even if you have a personal account, you can use this option to create a business page. Clients want to feel connected with businesses and this option makes you competitive.

To do this, you need to first add your mobile number to your account once you’ve created it. Verify your phone number when you get the SMS code and your account will be successfully set up.

You can use your account to create thought-provoking information and marketing campaigns that can help you stand out. Having virtual numbers can even help when using multiple devices. Facebook takes precautious due to scams so having a virtual number makes it easy to verify yourself. 

SMS Option

If you only want to send SMS then there are options for that as well. They require the use of the internet and you don’t mind not using the calling option with your virtual number. Many apps offer free services with the upside of only texting carriers in the same country.

Prepaid Sim and Phone

The option of using a prepaid sim or phone does exist. After buying the prepaid sim card you can follow the instruction by texting the number to activate the card. Once activated you can use it as you would a normal sim card.

You can use the sim card for as long as there is still data on it. The same can be done with a prepaid phone as well. You can usually get this from your local grocery stores or phone stores. These options are good for privacy because you don’t need to use your personal information.


Disposable numbers are important when it comes to keeping your privacy and making sure that your business is competitive. It can even be useful when you want to tap into markets from different parts of the world without using up countless resources.

Written by Michael Zippo

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