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The best female poses for a beach photoshoot

We all want to take the most out of the vacation, including bringing bright pictures that will remind us of a pleasant time we spent and want to share with friends. But photos in a swimsuit do not always satisfy us, and it's not about extra pounds or centimeters (remember plus-size models, who look fantastic even in their underwear). The real reason for most unsuccessful beach photos is the wrong pose or bad perspective. If you want to learn more about female pose photography, read Skylum's blog. So we continue to uncover the nuances of photo posing, and in this article, we will tell you how to take beautiful photos on the beach, regardless of the features of your figure.

female pose photography

How to pose on the beach?

Let's look at the best poses for women and how to take a successful picture.

Standing pose

Your posture is the key to a successful photo, so always watch your back and shoulders.  Try not to tense up, and your pose should look relaxed. Your leg position is also important. Stand sideways or half sideways and bend the front leg, putting it on the toe, take a half step forward and expose the hip, stand on tiptoe and cross your legs – these techniques will help you look slimmer. Half-turn photos with a sensual glance over the shoulder look delicate and alluring at the same time. In this angle, a fused swimsuit with an open back looks gorgeous.

Heel sitting pose

Seated photos are the most tricky, they need to be thought through to the last detail, otherwise you risk exposing the slightest flaws in your figure. That's because sitting on the sand, it's difficult to control your posture – don't slouch, keep your shoulders straight and your stomach taut. If you cannot do it and don't consider your legs slim enough, take a picture sitting on your heels. Such a pose successfully demonstrates the feminine curves of the body. To do this, maximum bend in the back. Imperfect thighs can be hidden with the help of a pareo.

Legs in the foreground

Where else can you show off your shapely legs than on the beach? If you take a picture lying on a chaise lounge, on an air mattress, or just on the sand, turn your legs to the photographer and ask him to take a picture at an angle, so that your body forms a diagonal in the photo – so your legs will look even longer and the composition will be more dynamic.

In the pool

When taking pictures in the pool, you should also choose the right pose and angle. Do not lean on the edge of the pool with both elbows – this will make your pose look tense, and your body and arms will seem massive. Try resting on your elbow and relaxing your other arm.  The position of your arms should be asymmetrical and the photo itself should be taken with a shift of the shooting point (three-quarter portrait) because with the frontal position of the camera (full-face) your figure will look flat and cropped.

The camera should be positioned at your eye level or slightly above, but so that your neck is visible. A lowered head and raised shoulders can ruin the shot.

Top view

Lie on your back, spread your hair out in the sand, and ask the photographer to take the picture from above. It doesn't have to be a full-length photo (unless you have a special tripod or drone at your disposal), a lap portrait will also look spectacular. And if you add beach accessories and interesting things to the frame, you can get an almost flat lay, only with you as the central element of the composition.

Photo in motion

Dynamic, "lively" photos can compensate for any flaws in the model's appearance or the unprofessionalism of the photographer. If you don't know how or don't like to pose, rely on movement and emotions. Use the environment: the wind, sand, and sea waves can help you to create unforgettable images. You have endless room for creativity, even the usual relaxed and playful movements, like playing with the waves, will look in the photo much more interesting than strenuous posing.

female pose photography

Reasons for unsuccessful beach photos

In spite of the effort, it happens that a perfectly lined-up picture is very different from what you expected. Let's look at what may be the reason for this:

  • — Incorrect lighting. To get beautiful photos on the beach, you need to understand how to work with natural light. At noon, the sun is too bright, it can bring out all the flaws in your appearance. The best time to take your amateur pictures is around 5:00 PM when the sun's rays strike at an oblique angle. At this time, the light is soft and the colors in the photo are especially rich with a slight golden hue.
  • — Excessive staticity. The legs at shoulder width, arms hanging along the body idly, lowered head and slouching back – that's what definitely should not be on the beach photos. The overall impression will be even more depressing if you stand in such a fundamental motionless pose against the background of the sea, which is in constant motion.
  • — Unnecessary objects in the frame. For a photo shoot on a crowded beach, it's best to choose the morning or evening hours before sunset. This time you can avoid crowds of people and take good photos with the right lighting. In the daytime, you'll probably have to limit yourself to close-ups if you don't want to see the crowds of other vacationers in the photos.


We looked at the options for the best women's poses for a photo shoot that will allow you to get great shots. And most importantly – don't forget to have fun with the process and everything will surely work out! But if you want to know more about female pose photography, read Skylum's blog and take perfect pictures!


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