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Taylor Swift: Her elegant chignon hairstyle at the MTV EMAs 2022

Singer Taylor Swift not only presented a cool chignon at the MTV EMAs. At the same time, she delivered a simple hack for those with fine hair who want just such a wow chignon.

It's no secret that Taylor Swift regularly creates wow moments on the red carpets of this world. And the MTV EMAs 2022 in Düsseldorf were no exception. Anyone who could take their eyes off the singer's sparkling dresses (yes, there were two glitter dresses on the night) couldn't get past the gorgeous chignon hairstyle she wore. And on closer inspection, we even discovered a mega-hack that can conjure up a great volume effect, especially on fine hair.

Taylor Swift: Her chic AND practical chignon hairstyle at the MTV EMAs 2022

Taylor Swift's beauty look could definitely keep up with her sparkly dresses. On the one hand, the singer showed how to make a simple eyeliner look festive. On the other hand, she delivered the ultimate hack for chignon hairstyles. Before we go into more detail, a few words about the make-up, because we can't leave that without comment. Taylor Swift combined her extravagant cat eye liner with green glitter on the lid. So we already know what our eye make-up will look like for Christmas and New Year's Eve. But back to her hair: The singer combined her long fringes into a chignon, which looks complicated at first, but is actually quite simple and has the great advantage of making fine hair look fuller or creating a larger chignon.

How to do the Taylor Swift chignon

What you can see straight away: The singer's chignon is not just one strand of hair twisted into a bun, but several small snails that make a big chignon with a special effect. If you then take a closer look at Taylor Swift's hairstyle, you can see that the hair has been divided into two halves above the ears. We assume that both sections were then attached to the back of the head with a hair tie. Afterwards, individual strands were twisted into snails and pinned tightly together. The result is an elegant hairstyle that looks very complex, but in the end consists "only" of twisted-in strands of hair.

Full and big chignon with fine hair thanks to this hack

Taylor Swift's hairstyle for the MTV EMAs 2022 looks great with any hair, of course, but it is precisely with fine hair that the "snail chignon" can have a positive effect. By combining several strands into a small chignon, you can give the hairstyle more fullness and achieve a big chignon despite fine hair. And as already mentioned: the whole thing is easy, too. It's worth doing and trying out!


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