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Sylvester Stallone is furious: “I want my rights for Rocky”

The 76-year-old actor has called the producer of the Rocky and Creed franchise, Irwin Winkler, a "parasite". A post shared on Instagram and then deleted. But that he has already made film lovers and non-film lovers discuss. Sylvester Stallone addressed a decidedly convinced and angry thought to the producer of the Rocky saga and the subsequent Creed. The reason? He never enjoyed the franchise rights. And now he demands them. At least part of it.

Sylvester Stallone against the producer of Rocky

The photo that the actor, now 76, had posted on Instagram had a single recipient: Irwin Winkler, the producer who currently owns the copyright on the most famous boxer in the history of cinema.

Apparently, the actor no longer perceives any income related to the exploitation of the rights of the saga. Stallone, in fact, was paid $ 75,000 in 1976 for writing the screenplay and for starring in Rocky. Then the story is known to all: the film has become a cornerstone of world cinema.

So much so that both Winker and producer Robert Chartoff, director John G. Avildsen and editors Richard Halsey and Scott Conrad each won an Oscar. Only Stallone did not come home with a prize. He was "satisfied" with two nominations: as best actor and as best screenwriter.

At the time, the percentage of the box office earned the actor a whopping 2.5 million dollars. But then, nothing else. A figure that is anything but irrelevant but is no longer enough for Sylvester Stallone now.

Stallone's outburst: "I'd like to receive at least what's left of my rights"

Thus, the choice to publish an explicit request to Winkler (now 93 years old). He did it by posting on Instagram a photo of a painting of him, in which he represented Irwin Winkler with the body of a snake and a sword-shaped tongue. The opening words leave no room for interpretation. «A very flattering portrait of the great producer of Rocky / Creed, Irwin Winkler, by one of the greatest artists in the country…».

Stallone continued: “After controlling Rocky for more than 47 years, and now Creed, I would really like to receive at least 'what's left of my rights', before they are only passed on to your children. I think it would be a fair gesture on the part of this 93-year-old gentleman, right? ' At the end of the post, an admission: "It's a painful matter that devours my soul, because I would like to leave something of Rocky for my children, even if it's always nice to hear words of love from loyal fans."

Author: Michael Zippo
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Sources: VanityFair, IO Donna

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