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Shows like Yellowstone: TOP-10

It's always hard to part with characters you get used to, but you won't be sad for long – season 5 will be released in November 2022. "Yellowstone is a drama series about a family fighting for their land. Viewers have something to recommend – if you want to be interested in the series, choose the right voice, a bad one can spoil the impression. The "brutal" version is best.

"Yellowstone" is a very distinctive, interesting series. Watching it, you feel like a tourist stopping by an expensive nature reserve. There are many familiar actors here, so they were also a good influence on the series' rating. The action in the film takes place in the state of Montana, in America. Most of the action takes place on a ranch.

The overall impression of the series, undoubtedly, excellent, looks thrilling. Fans already know that the 5th season will be released in November 2022, but before that you can watch similar series, they are also pretty good!

Top 10 series like Yellowstone.

10. Thorn Bush (2020)
9. Son (2017).
8. Hell on Wheels (2011)
7. Ozark (2017)
6. Longmire (2012)
5. Preacher (2016)
4. Walker (2021)
3. Klondike (2014)
2. Deadwood (2004).
1. Justice (2010)

10. Thornbush (2020)

"The Thorn Bush is not a bad series about a smart woman working for the government. It's more of a one-off – you won't want to watch it again. The plot echoes David Eisman's detective thriller. There is one twist to the series – there are things in it that are very disgusting.

After the protagonist's sister is murdered, she arrives in her hometown. Allegra Dill has set her sights on finding the killer, but instead becomes embroiled in an all-out war with the locals and corrupt government officials against her will.
Will she be able to find the killer?

9. Son (2017)

The series Son is appealing on many counts: Pierce Brosnan, the genre (western) and the fact that the project was given the green light by AMC, one of whose works was a good television series called Hell on Wheels. As for the storyline, it develops in parallel.

The series focuses on the relationship between a father and his son. The show is a bit violent as the action takes place in 1900 and before. The show deals with the displacement of the Native Indian population by the white American settlers.  Both sides are ruthless, it's hard to say who is particularly brutal…

8. Hell on Wheels (2011)

"Hell on Wheels is another worthy series in the Western genre. The Wild West atmosphere reigns supreme in it, so vivid that at times you start to smell things through the screen. The music, playing in the background, is unobtrusive and sets the tone. The description says that the protagonist goes for revenge – is that what the whole series is about?

A former Confederate soldier plans revenge on those who raped and murdered his wife. Cullen tracks down and kills Union soldiers who have done heinous things, and finds himself in Nebraska – a site where a transcontinental railway is being built. The protagonist's life, as we understand it, was not a happy one – if it had been otherwise, it would hardly have made a good movie.

7. Ozark (2017)

The Ozark project shut down after Season 4 – it wouldn't have been entirely clear what a sequel would have been for without the key characters it was hanging on to. A reminder of what happened in the last season: Ruth, Darlene and Wyatt were murdered. Ruth sentenced herself to death after taking revenge on her brother's killer, but she couldn't have it any other way…

At the centre of the story is the Byrd family – the head of the family, Marty, decided to get involved in an illegal business in order to get rich. He got rich, but now the family is in danger every second of their lives… Everything started when he moved to the resort town of Ozark, in Missouri. The man just wanted to make some money, but found himself drawn into the underworld.

6. Longmire (2012)

The Longmire series is certainly a fan favorite, but the Wyoming scenery will appeal to everyone! No super technology was used here, no cool action, nevertheless something never takes your eyes off the screen… It's a story about a sheriff's job, who has a hard time. But he's a real man and he's not afraid of anything.

Walt Longmire works as a sheriff in a provincial town. He is a man with many virtues: calm, honest, decent and also has a great sense of humour. But he was widowed a year ago and now finds himself immersed in his work. Six months ago he got a colleague – Vic used to work in Philadelphia's homicide department. The pair will have to keep order in Wyoming together.

5. Preacher (2016)

This series is a real meat grinder, but a great time-saver! The story of Preacher centres on a young boy, Jesse, who leads a dissolute life. One day he gets dumped and becomes a preacher. That's when Genesis, a powerful being who can control people, possesses him.

The priest Jesse is possessed against his will by Genesis, the only being in the universe that has the advantage of being on a par with God. Its bearer will automatically be the most powerful being in the material world, and the main character becomes one.

4. Walker (2021)

A charismatic protagonist is almost always the reason for the success of any picture, "Walker" is no exception. It's an interesting one to watch for fans of the supernatural, by the way, the series is based on the 1993 original, which starred Chuck Norris. It may not look like the old Walker, but it's a pleasure to watch.

Walker works for the police, having previously worked undercover for 2 years. Together with his daughters, the protagonist returns to Austin where he realises that he will have to work again. He is joined by a woman and together they start to fight crime. You can't expect the same from this soap opera as you did in the '90s, but a lot of people liked it.

3. Klondike (2014)

The Klondike series tells us about the plight of gold diggers who travel to northwestern Canada during the gold rush. The camerawork is top-notch, but were the showrunners up to the task of capturing and holding attention? Since the series has high ratings – it seems so!

The story centres on six gold diggers who band together during a gold rush in the Yukon River Valley. To survive, they'll have to use all their powers, because they have to act in the harsh northern lands that attract adventurers so much. The series is fast-paced and unpredictable – it's addictive from the first minutes of viewing.

2. Deadwood (2004)

"Deadwood" is another quality film about the world of the west. For the showrunners, the series has become the benchmark for westerns, steeped in vice, gold rush spirit and adventurism. The series is not for the faint of heart as there is a lot of violence and lawlessness that has been around at all times, just shown in a more concentrated way.

We are transported to 1876, with the town of Deadwood, which attracts rabble from all over America. Its crime rate is so high that no one really pays attention to crimes, considering them the norm. A retro series from the HBO channel – it has a lot of worthy projects to its credit. A must watch for fans of the genre!

1. Justice (2010)

What's particularly appealing about this series is the funny main character. He does not mind passing the time, chatting heart-to-heart with the villain, and then shoot him … There are interesting and minor characters. Overall, the casting of Justice is good – the same can be said of the plot. And the soundtrack is fascinating – it seems to have been specially created for the series.

The series revolves around the confrontation between a federal marshal and a former comrade they used to be friends with in their youth. Each season is literally a race for the prize. It could be catching as a criminal who couldn't be found for 30 years or finding a safe with a lot of money. It is worth noting that the series is based on stories by Elmore Leonard, which have been adapted several times.


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