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Selena Gomez wears this bold metallic nail polish colour at the Emmys 2022

At the Emmys 2022, Selena Gomez delivered the most surprising nail design of the evening. She combined green nail polish with a metallic, glittery finish – giving the colour a whole new look.

On 13 September 2022, the Emmy Awards took place in Los Angeles, and the stars didn't ask twice to dress up for this special event. We got stuck on one manicure in particular, that of actress Selena Gomez. We already know that she always likes to try out new nail designs. Just the other day she showed us her manicure in a bright turquoise. For the Emmys 2022, her nail artist chose an unusual colour – green. But that wasn't the only surprise on her nails.

This is how cool Selena Gomez combines her daring nail polish 

Selena Gomez not only got to present an award on the evening of the Emmys, she was also nominated several times with the series "Only Murders in the Building", among others in the category "Outstanding Comedy Series". For this special occasion, the actress wore a white halterneck dress with a short turtleneck and trimmed with sequins. But it didn't stop at "just white", because Gomez also opted for a colour accent, which showed up in the earrings and on her nails.

Selena Gomez: Metallic green nail polish at the Emmys 2022

Selena Gomez skillfully combined her emerald green tassel earrings with a nail polish of the same colour. Her nail artist Tom Bachik also decided to give the polish a special finish: a metallic shimmer. On Instagram, he wrote under a post of Selena's nails: "Our colour was inspired by her earrings. Selena Gomez loved the jewellery and we wanted to play with the emerald green" – they definitely succeeded.

Selena Gomez's metallic green nail polish shows that you can actually add some glamour to any colour with a metallic or glittery topcoat. Our tip: invest in different topcoats. You can use them to give all nail polish colours a new look and conjure up a different look again and again.


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