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Selena Gomez, the “Golden Hour” makeup is inspired by the colors of the sunset

Recall the time of sunset, the new makeup of Selena Gomez. Delicate, made of a thousand and more shades of bronze, gold, pink and peach, it refines her face and gives a glow effect to her cheekbones.

It’s called Golden Hour make-up and is inspired by that moment of sunset when everything takes on a warm and orange glow, with golden glows typical of summer evenings.

To revive this makeup trend is Selena Gomez, who has “stolen” the shades of the most romantic sunsets to create a golden hour look with shades of bronze and gold that warm the complexion and make you think of the holidays.

Selena Gomez, the bright and golden “golden hour” makeup

If you ask a photographer what is the best time to take a portrait, the sunset will undoubtedly be answered. For the particular light, called the golden hour, which has the ability to soften everyone. An almost magical effect due to the inclination of the Earth that creates a sweet and enveloping atmosphere, fading facial imperfections, smoothing the skin and giving it a golden glow.

Not only gold, the golden hour makeup – albeit monochromatic – combines many shades, a mix of nuances that recreate this magical atmosphere with soft, luminous and radiant effects but very natural and never flashy.

To propose it was Selena Gomez in a selfie in the very warm shades of peach-gold. But Julianne Moore also chose it during the last Met Gala.

Guaranteed glow effect

The sunset inspired make-up is, in practice, a sophisticated nude look, ideal if you are looking for brightness on the face, especially on the cheekbones and eyes.

In the textures of blush and eyeshadow, infinite tiny golden flashes are hidden that reflect the light, completely illuminating the face for a guaranteed glow effect, suitable both in the city and at the sea.

Lands and illuminants in the shades of the sunset

Bronze, rosé, gold and terracotta are the most suitable shades to recreate this type of make-up, colors that give practically all, but especially to browns with amber skin.

Extremely versatile, golden hour makeup is all about the base. It is no coincidence that the essentials of this look are the earths and illuminants.

The first, applied with a large brush, gives a sun-warmed skin effect. The highlighter, on the other hand, must be applied in the right places, in particular on the cheekbones, on the bridge of the nose and on the fixed eyelids. In so doing, it sculpts and lifts the features, with only light.


Author: Michael Zippo
[email protected]

Sources: VanityFair, IO Donna


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