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Drew Barrymore’s Connections: Top 30 Relatives, Friends, Partners, and Other Ties

Drew Barrymore, a beloved figure in the world of Hollywood, has not only made her mark as an accomplished actress but has also cultivated a vast network of personal and professional connections. In this article, we will delve into the top 30 individuals who have played significant roles in Drew Barrymore's life, ranging from close relatives to lifelong friends, romantic partners, and influential professional collaborators.


  • John Drew Barrymore (Father): Drew's estranged father was an actor, much like the rest of the Barrymore family, and though their relationship was troubled, he remains an indelible part of her life story.

  • Jaid Barrymore (Mother): Jaid Barrymore, Drew's mother, is also an actress and an important figure in her daughter's upbringing.

  • Ethel Barrymore (Great-Aunt): Ethel Barrymore was a renowned stage and film actress, adding to the family's legendary acting lineage.

  • Lionel Barrymore (Great-Uncle): Another member of the Barrymore acting dynasty, Lionel had a prolific career in Hollywood.

  • John Barrymore Jr. (Uncle): Drew's uncle, John Barrymore Jr., was involved in the entertainment industry and shared the family's acting legacy.

  • Diana Barrymore (Aunt): Drew's aunt, Diana Barrymore, was also an actress and an author, bringing further depth to the family's artistic pursuits.

  • Blyth Dolores Barrymore (Half-Sister): Drew's half-sister, Blyth, represents another chapter in her complex family history.


  • Cameron Diaz: Drew and Cameron Diaz's friendship is well-known, and the two have collaborated in several films, forming a tight bond in the process.

  • Adam Sandler: Drew and Adam Sandler have starred in multiple romantic comedies together, creating a strong professional and personal connection.

  • Lucy Liu: Lucy Liu, Drew's co-star in "Charlie's Angels," is not just a colleague but also a close friend.

  • Reese Witherspoon: Drew and Reese Witherspoon share a warm friendship and often support each other's endeavors.

  • Jimmy Fallon: The late-night talk show host, Jimmy Fallon, shares a great rapport with Drew, often featuring her on his show.

  • Ellen DeGeneres: Drew's friendship with Ellen DeGeneres extends beyond their professional interactions, exemplifying their bond.

Romantic Partners

  • Tom Green: Drew Barrymore's marriage to comedian Tom Green was a brief but memorable chapter in her personal life.

  • Will Kopelman: Drew's marriage to art consultant Will Kopelman produced two children and was a significant relationship in her life.

  • Fabrizio Moretti: Drew dated Strokes drummer Fabrizio Moretti in the early 2000s, a romance that attracted media attention.

  • Jamie Walters: Drew's relationship with actor and musician Jamie Walters is another notable romantic connection.

  • Corey Feldman: Drew's teenage romance with Corey Feldman during the 1980s marked an important period in her life.

Professional Collaborators

  • Steven Spielberg: The legendary director Steven Spielberg played a crucial role in Drew's career when he cast her in "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial."

  • Barrymore Productions: Drew co-founded Barrymore Productions, a production company that helped her expand her career beyond acting.

  • Nancy Juvonen: Nancy Juvonen, Drew's business partner in Flower Films, has been an integral part of her success in producing films.

  • Timothy Olyphant: Drew and Timothy Olyphant worked together in the Netflix series "Santa Clarita Diet," which was both a professional and personal collaboration.

  • Flower Beauty: Drew's cosmetics line, Flower Beauty, represents her entrepreneurial spirit and her connection to the beauty industry.

Mentors and Influencers

  • Steven Adler: Drew's godfather and the former Guns N' Roses drummer, Steven Adler, played a supportive role in her life.

  • Dietrich Mateschitz: The co-founder of Red Bull, Dietrich Mateschitz, mentored Drew in the beverage industry as she started her own wine label.

  • Angelica Huston: Drew Barrymore has often credited actress Angelica Huston as a guiding figure and a friend.

  • SZA: The singer-songwriter SZA is another influential figure in Drew's life, offering support and creative collaboration.


Drew Barrymore's life is intricately woven with a diverse tapestry of connections, ranging from her complex family history to deep friendships, romantic partners, and influential professional collaborators. Her journey in Hollywood is a testament to the power of these relationships and their profound impact on her personal and professional growth. Drew's ability to foster and maintain these connections has contributed to her enduring success in the entertainment industry and beyond.

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