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Sean Penn asks billionaires to make a “collection” to end the war

$ 500 million-that would be enough, according to the actor, to arm the resistance and deliver the final blow to the Russian army. He said this on Titter

The end of the war in Ukraine for Sean Penn is also in the hands of billionaires. Indeed, billionaires in his opinion could be decisive in determining the fate of the conflict and delivering the final blow to the Russian army. The two-time Oscar-winning actor just wrote it on Titter

"2 squadrons of F-15 or 16 (that is, 12 aircraft with better technology than the Russian Mig (fighters, ed) or SU (other combat aircraft, Ed) adapted for rapidly trainable Ukrainian pilots (3 weeks) would cost a private about 300 million dollars", wrote Penn"to these – he continued – It would be enough to add 200 million in missile defense for a total of 500 million".

Then he continued with another teet Obviously there are additional components to consider, but I think it's worth thinking about".

In short, he asks for a kind of collection, which to the billionaires of the world – with so many Americans on the list, in addition to the Russian oligarchs who would be negotiating for peace – would ultimately cost very little. A conceivable solution, and a decisive aid to the Ukrainian resistance that Sean Penn was among the first to support. He was in Ukraine for a documentary when the Russian invaders arrived, then – after being forced to flee-in Poland he personally welcomed refugees. Now in Poland, as well as in Romania, he continues to bring concrete aid with the core Response, his NGO created to offer humanitarian aid all over the world.

His teeteet, by the way, is not even his first stand against the Russian invasion of Ukraine: on the eve of the Oscars Sean Penn had called on Hollood "I hope there will be a boycott and abandonment of the ceremony," he told CNN. "Ukraine is the spearhead of the struggle for the dreams of democracy. If we leave it to fight alone we lose our soul as America".

In the end Zelensk agli at the Oscars was not there. The Academy opted for a minute's silence, and some of the stars wore yellow and blue accessories in tribute to the country's flag. The world's attention, however, eventually ended up on the slap of Smith

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Sources: vanityfair

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