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Richard Madden at Giffoni: «My superhero? My father who was a firefighter “

The actor of Game of Thrones at the Giffoni Film Festival talked about himself, bullying, superheroes and his upcoming projects.

Richard Madden, Eternals' Ikaris and Robb Stark from Game of Thrones thrills the boys of the Giffoni Film Festival by talking about himself and the world of cinema. He told of when he was 11 years old he attended theater school to try to escape the bullying of his peers, of the only true hero he ever loved ("My father who was a firefighter"), of the next projects, of the curiosity of look, this time as a spectator, House of the Dragon and feel a little Peter Pan thanks to this craft. In addition, he also gives advice to young people who want to take the road of acting: "Don't take yourself too seriously."

Richard Madden and bullying

The British actor, whom many refer to as the new James Bond, but of whom he does not want to talk, is enthusiastic about the atmosphere of the festival created 52 years ago by Claudio Gubitosi, above all for the experience that young people have in a context in which they mix guys from 35 different countries. "From the age of 11 I attended a theater school – says the actor – it was wonderful to share personal aspirations and ideas with a group of people, just like you are doing here in Giffoni. That journey helped me to become the actor I am today".

And the theater school was also the weapon that helped little Madden to stem bullying. «I was going through a complicated period – he says – attending theater school was important: bullies are often different from you. I advise bullied children to find a strong passion and share it with peers who have the same ideals and interests ».

"To be an actor you don't have to take yourself too seriously"

Richard Madden also gives advice to kids who want to take the actor's path. "Don't take yourself too seriously," and then he tackles the issue of positive discrimination in the entertainment industry: "I'm happy to see more and more scripts with no indication of gender, age or ethnicity in the character descriptions. It is an important step forward: just as there is nothing that diversifies emotions, there should be nothing that diversifies people ".

The profession of actor has made Madden an eternal Peter Pan: «At 11 I entered this world and never left it – he says – I feel like a child. For example in the Citadel series you will see me walking around with a gun as if I were a kid. I am lucky to be part of this microcosm: I feel like a kind of Peter Pan».

The return of Ikaris and the curiosity for House of the Dragon

Ikaris, one of the protagonists of Eternals will not return to the big screen, at least for now. He doesn't fit into Marvel Studios plans. "I haven't received any scripts about the character – says the actor – in the meantime I put a mark on the" superhero "box". Soon we will see him in the Citadel spy series, by Prime Video and in From Now, a podcast born during the pandemic that will become another Amazon series, in which Madden, in addition to playing the twin brother of Brian Cox, is also a co-producer. .

House of the Dragon, the prequel to Game of Thrones, will air on August 22 and the actor couldn't say anything about him on the most anticipated series of the year. "I'm excited and curious, I can't see them enjoying House of the Dragon," he said.

Author: Michael Zippo
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