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Pregnant Kaley Cuoco reveals her rounded belly

The Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco is expecting her first child.

Kaley Cuoco is pregnant! The star of The Big Bang Theory and The Flight Attendant has announced that she is expecting a baby girl with her boyfriend Tom Pelphrey (seen in the series Ozark). The couple announced the happy event on Tuesday night (October 11) and have since revealed some intimate moments, including the actress' battle with morning sickness.

Kaley Cuoco shared a picture of herself with her understudy Monette Moio on the set of a movie. In the photo, the two women lift their tops to show off their stomachs, the former revealing a rounded belly and the latter a flat one. "Remember that time we shot an action movie when I was pregnant and horribly sick and you had to take care of me, be me and do everything I did as if I wasn't pregnant?" the actress wrote in the story.

Another story shows her sleeping on set. It shows a sick green emoji and the caption: "It was me every day between takes lol".

Kaley Cuoco also shared some of her food cravings, including a tuna sandwich in Denmark, sourced for her by her partner Tommy Pelphrey, and another image in which she is seen devouring a Subway sandwich.  "Remember my Subway sandwich craze that lasted three days?"

Kaley Cuoco confirmed the gender of her baby on Instagram on Tuesday, writing, "A baby girl Pelphrey is coming in 2023, we are beyond happy… love you @tommypelphrey!!!" The couple have been dating since earlier this year and made their red carpet debut this summer at the Emmy Awards, where both were nominated for awards.


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