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Penn Badgley: What the “You” actor says about Joe Goldberg

Penn Badgley: What the

Penn Badgley plays Joe Goldberg, stalker and murderer, in the Netflix series "You". Now he has revealed in an interview what feelings he would have for Joe in real life.

This is a surprise: Penn Badgley ("Gossip Girl") feels sorry for his stalker alter ego from the Netflix series "You". In it, Badgley plays Joe Goldberg, a bookworm with a penchant for murdering pretty young women. Badgley thinks Goldberg is in desperate need of love – and in a different form than the one in the series.

Penn Badgley: This is how he would react to Joe Goldberg in real life.

The actor revealed on his podcast "Podcrushed" that he has been thinking about what he would do if he met Joe Goldberg from "You" in real life. The 36-year-old explains, "Okay, let's say he was a person that I was a fan of and I could meet in a safe environment and he would want to talk to me…" Haha, pretty good that Badgley points out from the start that he would only want to meet Joe in a "safe environment" – pretty sure that doesn't include the air and sound proof room from "You" , where Goldberg keeps his victims captive!

Badgely continues to think out loud about the meeting: "By the way, it would all have to go my way. It's easy, but I would set the tone." That goes without saying in a conversation with a serial killer whose deeds we have followed closely for three seasons. You want to hold all the cards yourself! Badgley, however, would not approach him with scepticism or even hostility, but almost tenderly: "I have said often enough how much I detest all his deeds, but I would still try to approach Joe with love. The truth is that he was never loved," Penn Badgely explains his fictional meeting further. "I think I would take a very long look at him."

However, Badgely is well aware that he wouldn't want to develop an intimate relationship with the serial killer – he did play him for three seasons, after all, and takes on the role again in season 4! But because he has a special relationship with Joe Goldberg, he would try to love him. "I don't agree that he deserves that. And I'm not saying anyone should but me. But I would try to love him." The reason for his behaviour is obvious to Badgley: "He needs that. He needs love. I would hug him and hold him."

Penn Badgley talks about "You" season 4

In the podcast episode, Penn Badgley not only lets listeners:inside in on his fantasy meeting with Joe Goldberg, but also reveals minimal details about the fourth season of "You". "Living in London has allowed me, Joe, to put the past behind me," he says of his series role. "The days of unrequited love and desire are over – I'm focusing on my university career and research – while my typical leisure activities are strictly in the same environment."

The first part of "You" season 4 airs on Netflix from 10 February 2023, with the second part following in March – and yes, we are excited to see this new Joe Goldberg!

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