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No more tummy tucks! Selena Gomez wants us to accept our bodies

Selena Gomez is now reporting from vacation with an empowering TikTok video in a bathing suit and with her strong message speaks from the soul of many.

Selena Gomez wants us to accept our bellies and stop sucking them in

Yes, many of us are enjoying our vacation right now – rightly so! There is hardly anything better than enjoying the hot summer days by the sea. But that's sometimes a bit difficult, because in a bathing suit, bikini, swimming trunks and the like, one or the other quickly feels uncomfortable. You try to hide your stomach or pull it in as often as possible. Actress Selena Gomez doesn't want to do that anymore and therefore comes back with a swimsuit video including a strong message straight from vacation – and we're really celebrating!

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Selena Gomez with a strong message: No more tummy tucks!

Selena Gomez is taking a well-deserved break and spending her vacation in Europe by the sea. On TikTok she takes us and all her other followers with her – and we are anything but angry about that, especially because here and there we get beauty hacks and other cool content from the singer.

In her latest video, the actress is seen lounging on a boat in a lavender and orange swimsuit (which we're dying to buy right now, by the way). To a TikTok sound, she lip-synched to a voice asking someone to "pull it in" – and that means the stomach. But the 30-year-old thinks absolutely nothing of that, as the video makes clear.

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It's time we finally accepted our bellies

"I'm not sucking s**t in," Gomez says, lip-synching before capturing the video with the words, "Real stomachs is coming the f**k back, ok?"  ended. Yes girl! We love everything about the video: the message that she speaks confidently into the camera and that she wants to convey to all viewers along the way that every stomach is good the way it is again.

And her fans are also freaking out and celebrating the actress for her strong message. "You are the reason I feel comfortable in my own skin," writes a:e User:in on TikTok under the video. And many others feel their self-confidence boosted by Selena Gomez's message. She's a great example that we should celebrate our body a lot more and give it the love it deserves. Thank you Selena for this reminder!


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