NFT pixel art

For the past couple of weeks, news has been coming from everywhere about the “new era of digital art”, sales of memes and works of digital artists for hundreds of thousands (!) No, millions of dollars! This is both an opportunity for digital artists to finally earn their penny, and for collectors to flaunt a collection of GIFs using NFT Art marketplace or a similar one.


The desire to buy something arises from the realization of the value of what is being bought. With crypto art, “ownership” of an object in the blockchain is declared. But we still live in a legal world that regulates such relationships between people. NFT is not regulated anywhere and is not recognized as a way to indicate ownership. If we draw an analogy from a legal point of view, then buying crypto art is the same as buying a plot on the moon or naming a star by its name. Recently, I was shown an ad for “Become a Lord” on Facebook. The bottom line is that you can buy a square foot of land in Scotland for $49.95 and, according to Scottish law, officially receive the title of Lord.

Simply put, marketplaces equate a blockchain token with the legal sense of owning something.

Hype in the media

First, let's take a closer look at high-profile sales: who bought crypto art and why? The 69 millionth lot of Christie's was bought by an anonymous crypto investor from Singapore. On the same day, tethers were mined on the TRON blockchain platform in the equivalent of $1 billion. A coincidence, of course. A billion is a record by the way.

Justin Sun, the founder of TRON, participated in the auction for crypto art. By the way, he also bid for the very first tweet, along with Sina Estavi, also a TRON affiliate. If we turn to other high-profile purchases, it turns out that the majority were bought by anonymous investors who are large holders of ETH and are directly interested in raising its rate. You can also buy NFT from yourself, claiming a big deal for the media.

NFT pixel art

The pixel art used to create various NFT projects has always caused controversy and discussion: who creates such NFTs? Who buys NFTs? How to sell such NFTs?

While pixel art can be beautiful, some argue that it's not worth spending money on an extremely low quality asset. Why are many NFTs pixelated? Let's take a look at these questions.

Pixel art is common in NFTs because for some, it represents the origins of NFTs with cryptopunks. For others, pixel art represents a nostalgic feeling, indicative of the 1990s. Pixel art is easier to produce for some, making it the best option for making NFTs quickly.

Why is pixel art so popular for NFTs?

Many of those who sell NFTs on OpenSea, Rarible, or another NFT marketplace prefer pixel art to make creating their collectibles easier and faster.

Some may have high resolution images, but some may like the simplicity of these low quality images. For many, this is due to the close connection with nostalgia that comes from early video games.

Pixel art is so popular because it represents:

  • ★ The Origins of NFTs and the Extremely Valuable Cryptopunks
  • ★ Nostalgia for old school video games in the 1990s, and
  • ★ Some find it easy to create and produce multiple variations of pixel art.

Pixel art is often used in digital games that are popular among the younger generation, but it is often seen in printed forms as well due to this nostalgia.

Pixel art is also an easy way to create unique and different NFT character art.

For example, the Cryptopunks series has pixelated characters that are unique with different characteristics.

Often cryptopunks are the first thing people think of when they think of NFTs.

While pixel art can be tricky, it can also take much less time to create than traditional art, as the pixel blocks are simply made up of different colored squares from a character sprite.

This brings us to the next reason why NFTs often look pixelated – they are low-quality images that have to fit a certain size.

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