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Netflix and Sony block upcoming Will Smith movies after Chris Rock slaps

After the violent reaction during the night of the Oscars, the actor could lose the next working projects.

Public and social apologies were not enough. Neither resignation from the Academy. Will Smith's slap in the face of Chris Rock in a worldwide live broadcast during the night of the Oscars could cost the actor dearly. And primarily concern his career. According to reports from Variety and the Hollywood Reporter, in fact, Netflix and Sony would be considering the possibility of blocking the next projects that see Smith among the protagonists.

Will Smith, Netflix brakes on Fast and Loose

According to Variety, Netflix has slowed the development of the upcoming action thriller Fast and Loose, in which Will Smith was hired to star. It seems that the project was put aside after that gesture of the actor who went around the world. In the week before the Oscars, director David Leitch also walked away from the project. And now it is unclear whether the streaming giant will return to work on the film and, if so, whether he will choose a new star to entrust the role of Smith.

The stop also from Sony

No less burdensome for the actor was Sony's decision to suspend development of Bad Boys 4. A project at an advanced stage before the Oscars. But now everything has changed. The actor's violent reaction to a Chris Rock joke about Jada Pinktett Smith's alopecia did not appeal to the producers. Ready to review the cards on the table.

The Apple+ project at risk

The troubles for the actor are not over. Apple+ 's Emancipation project is also at risk. It is a drama about slavery for which there is great anticipation, to the point that there is talk of another probable Oscar. The project is expected to come out this year, but Apple + hasn't set a date yet and doesn't want to comment.

The fuss raised by the actor

The one that has just ended will be the edition of the Oscars that we will all remember not so much for the statuettes won as for the gesture of Will Smith. That he couldn't take the joke about his wife. After Chris Rock's words, he left the audience and slapped the comedian hard in the face.

Then the tears, the apologies, the social post in which he acknowledges the error. Not only. The actor resigns from the Academy. He could also lose the Oscar he just won. And, perhaps, greet his career. At least the next films on the agenda.

Michael Zippo
[email protected]
Sources: ioDonna, Vanity Fair


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