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Nadal to Federer: “Dear Roger, I wish this moment had never happened

The Spanish champion was among the first to write to his friend and rival. On social networks, dozens of messages are dedicated to the Swiss tennis player who announced his farewell after the London Laver Cup, scheduled for the last weekend of September.

"Dear Roger, my friend and rival. I wish this moment had never happened. It is a sad day for me personally and for sportsmen and women around the world. It has been a pleasure but also an honour and a privilege to share all these years with you, experiencing so many incredible moments on and off the court," the statement is signed by Rafael Nadal and wonderfully proves that Roger Federer is a friend more than a rival. The two iconic tennis players of a generation have a shared history that goes beyond the confrontation on the court.

The Swiss had already delivered a fine speech when Nadal won his 20th Grand Slam title. The Majorcan, who now has 22 Grand Slam titles to his name, made an equally fine statement. "We will have many more moments to share, there are still many things to do together, we know that. For now, I really wish you all the best with your wife, Mirka, your kids, your family and enjoy what's ahead. See you in London at the LaverCup'."

From September 23-25, Federer and Nadal will play together in the European team at the Laver Cup in London. It will be the last tournament of King Roger's dizzying career.

Serena Williams, herself a recent retiree, said she has always looked up to her peer Federer as a role model.

The Wimbledon tournament also saluted the master. "Roger, where do I start? It has been a privilege to witness your journey and to see you become a champion in every sense of the word. We will miss your grace on our courts, all we can say now is thank you, for the memories and joy you gave to so many."


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