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Monica Bellucci in “Diabolik – Ginko on the attack!”: The teaser trailer

First images of the second chapter of the Manetti Bros. film trilogy dedicated to the King of terror. In cinemas from November 17.

Here comes the teaser trailer of Diabolik – Ginko attack !, the second chapter of the film saga signed by the Manetti Bros., which was inspired by the comics of the sisters Angela and Luciana Giussani, which we will see in theaters on November 17th.

It is no longer Luca Marinelli who wears the mask of the King of Terror, but Giacomo Gianniotti, as he returns as the blonde Eva Kant and the tireless inspector Ginko Miriam Leone and Valerio Mastandrea. The cast is enriched by the presence of Monica Bellucci in the role of Altea, the girlfriend of Ginko, an extravagant and unconventional noblewoman with a strong character and great charisma.

How will Diabolik – Ginko attack !?

The Manetti Bros, after the release of the first chapter dedicated to Clerville's thief, immediately set to work on the second and third chapters of the trilogy (the films were shot together), regardless of the not exactly flattering feedback from the public. and of the criticism of the first Diabolik. Certainly the Covid period did not encourage the public to go to the cinema, moreover the Manettis did not make the film about the thief and murderer made in Italy an action movie aimed at the younger generation, it is rather a tribute to the noir of the Sixties and to the atmospheres to Hitchcock.

It goes without saying that their Diabolik follows in the footsteps of the Giussani comics, and not the footsteps traced by today's market. For example, Eva Kant refers to Kim Novak from Women Who Lived Twice: "Kant is a woman who conveys the elegance and femininity of the time, she is the boiling ice of Hitchcock's divas," said Miriam Leone. We will see if the two directors have chosen different paths or have kept the bar in the center. The plot is still top secret, while one thing is certain: Giacomo Gianniotti is the new King of terror.

Who is Giacomo Giannotti?

Little is known about the replacement of Martin Eden's actor with Giacomo Gianniotti. Maybe Marinelli had other projects in the pipeline? Or he didn't want to get too attached to a character who would have relegated him to the set for three films in a row. The mystery is not solved.

Giannotti is an Italian actor, naturalized Canadian, who is known to the general public for the role of Dr. Andrew DeLuca from Grey's Anatomy. He also participated in the spin-off of the medical drama Station 19. He Will he be more convincing than Luca Marinelli in the role of Diabolik? We will have the answer in November.

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