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Midterms reversal for Republicans: Donald Trump blames… Melania

Donald Trump is reportedly accusing his wife Melania of giving him bad advice on which candidates to support in the mid-term elections.

Always, always, always blame. Donald Trump has not taken the results of the mid-term elections well: even if the Republicans are ahead in Congress and still in the balance in the Senate, it is certain that not all the candidates supported by Trump have triumphed at the ballot box. And the former president does not want to take responsibility for that.

The election did not produce the humiliation of opponents inside and outside the Republican party that the tycoon had hoped for. Accounts of the election night show an increasingly angry Donald Trump. Maggie Haberman, a New York Times reporter, tells of a former president furious with his aides, but also with his wife: he lashed out at Melania Trump in particular for advice about Mehmet Oz , a Pennsylvania Senate candidate, doctor, former TV star who was decisively defeated by Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman.

Melania Trump, who has not been seen in this campaign and in general since leaving the White House, is said to have given Donald bad advice. "It wasn't one of his best decisions," Trump is reported to have said, referring to Melania's proposal. According to US newspapers, the former president has a tendency to blame everyone but himself: it is not difficult to remember that he did not recognise the victory of his opponent Joe Biden, screaming fraud, and that he attacked anyone, even within the Republican party, who did not submit to his orders to obtain votes.

Candidate by 15 November?

There is one piece of advice he will not take: that of his aides regarding the announcement of his candidacy in the next presidential election. They tell him to postpone the deadline, to distance himself from this defeat. But Donald Trump will not do so and should maintain his announcement on November 15. His supporters have already received the email: "I'm about to announce something big at Mar-a-Lago and I want you to be there."

However, the nomination will not be a walk in the park. There is at least one formidable opponent, a former friend: Florida governor Ron DeSantis, who was re-elected with many more votes than he had when Trump supported him. The former US president has already said that he has terrible things to reveal about him. 

From his personal perspective, Trump never makes mistakes: he doesn't make mistakes running for office, he doesn't make mistakes inciting an assault on Capitol Hill, and he doesn't make mistakes leaving the "corpses" of those who make mistakes in his path, whether they be opponents, party colleagues, advisers or wives. Only one is infallible.


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