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Wood is an easy-to-handle, natural, eco-friendly, durable, beautiful and noble material. From various grades of raw materials, you can make any kind of outdoor furniture, home, office and commercial interior ( for example).

Despite the appearance of such modern materials as chipboard, MDF, whenever possible, preference is always given to classic wooden furniture, which never goes out of fashion, is considered exclusive, is an indicator of good taste and wealth.

Pure material is able not only to decorate the interior, but also to create in the room the ideal ratio of humidity and freshness of the air, a favorable microclimate and a cozy atmosphere. In this regard, the manufacture of solid wood furniture is always a demanded and profitable area. To work with wood and create high quality products, a craftsman must have accuracy, patience, the ability to select materials and tools, and follow order and technology. A good article on this topic is named “мебель из массива дерева“.

What matters is the future location of the object – in the room or outdoors, the temperature and humidity in the room. The most popular types of wood for work are:

Pine. This type of wood is easily processed, making it great for joiners with little experience, smells good, is easy to stain and does not rot. Well suited for the manufacture of frame sets and beds, cabinet furniture. The tree has a light brownish yellow shade with clear veins and a distinctive ring pattern. The disadvantages of pine are softness, poor resistance to mechanical damage, which must be removed by grinding. Due to this, the material is one of the most affordable.

Oak – used for the production of solid wood furniture of the elite class. Wooden products are often decorated with carvings and varnished with a glossy or matte effect. Furniture made of natural oak is characterized by nobility, hardness, durability, moisture resistance, and does not rot. The high cost of products can be partially reduced by veneers. The wood has shades from light to dark – grayish, golden, brown.

Larch – used for the manufacture of furniture, parquet, stairs. Fire safety, high resistance to moisture and other advantages explain the higher price for this breed. The material is distinguished by a pleasant delicate aroma (the essential components contained in larch have a beneficial effect on health), strength and durability, and is close in hardness to oak. The boards are not uniform in color (darker in the middle and lighter at the edges), they have an attractive texture. Pattern, color and features of the material are well emphasized by colorless varnishes.

Linden – used for the manufacture of furniture for home and baths, dishes and decorative elements. It is easily processed, hardly shrinks when dried, and emits a sweet aroma when heated. The material has a uniform shiny surface and antibacterial properties.


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