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Madonna demands gratitude from Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian and Cardi B for paving the way for their sexual independence

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the book S.E.X., on Instagram the diva gives the names and surnames of younger colleagues who are inspired by her transgression. The reaction is not long in coming….

The Material Girl doesn't mince her words, instead naming names. Whose names? Of all the young female colleagues to whom she has paved the way for independence, sexual freedom and transgression. 

In her Instagram story of Saturday 22 October, Madonna wrote: '30 years ago I published a book called S.E.X. with naked pictures of me with men kissing men, women kissing women and me kissing everyone. I wrote about my sexual fantasies and also shared my views on sexuality in an ironic way. I spent the intervening years being interviewed by narrow-minded people who tried to embarrass me for taking power as a woman. They called me a pu**y, a heretic witch and the devil himself.

Now Cardi B can sing about her WAP (the song title stands for Wet Ass Pussy, ed.), Kim Kardashian can grace the covers of every magazine with her bare bottom, and Miley Cyrus can come as a Wrecking Ball (the name of the song means 'wrecking ball' and in the video she rides one, ed.) You're welcome, bitches… (with the clown emoji)."

Let's do the math: the 64-year-old Madonna has launched the test to her 18.5 million followers. Data in hand, on social media Miley Cyrus has ten times as many (185 million) and Kim Kardashian outnumbers the former Hannah Montana star by twice as many (332 million). Of the three stars mentioned, therefore, the one who has 'less' is Cardi B with 142 million, but we are still talking about exorbitant figures and an online buzz of epic proportions.

And yes, Madonna launches yet another provocation, implicitly calling female colleagues beginners and even teasing them a bit with the clown face laughing, as if to say that they take themselves too seriously but the one who put her face on it first is her.

To put her statements into context, she shared an interview from the time with a TV reporter who said he was a bit nervous about the content of the book and she seraphically replied that the readers' reaction to the book says more about them than it does about the people who made it and asked him what specifically frightens him about a woman who knows how to pleasure herself.

The message came through loud and clear, amplified by the media platform of the three female colleagues Madonna mentioned. 

Cardi B's reaction was not long in coming. With a couple of vitriolic tweets, the WAP singer responded as follows: 'I've paid tribute to this woman literally so many times because I grew up listening to her songs… she can still prove her point without putting clown emoji (…) These icons become a disappointment when you make it in this area'. And later: 'You can say exactly what you want without insulting me… no one can call me a little girl (especially a white woman)'.

And so the sisterhood got the better of her and serenity returned to Cardi B's message board: 'I spoke to Madonna… it was beautiful. Have a great day everyone and drive safe." Curtain.

Written by Michael Zippo

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