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Lourdes Leon has released her first single

Under her stage name "Lolahol", Madonna's daughter Lourdes Leon unveils her very first musical track, entitled Lock and Key.  The vaporous voice of Lourdes Leon, now nicknamed "Lolahol", flies over electro-pop resonances. Madonna's daughter's first single, Lock and Key, was co-produced by experimental artist Eartheater, as well as Samuel Burgess and Hara Kiri. The video, posted on Youtube, has over 350,000 views since its release on August 24 and features the young singer. The images reveal the 20-something woman with long, colorful hair, holding her dog on a leash, at the edge of a cemetery on the outskirts of New York.  

Daughter of a pop queen

"I'm so proud of you," Madonna wrote to her daughter on Instagram. So at 25, Lourdes Leon went into music for the very first time. She studied dance in college, before starting a modeling career with Stella McCartney. Then, she did a series of campaigns with Marc Jacob, Calvin Klein, Thierry Mugler and Swarovski. Not forgetting her memorable passage on the Versace catwalk during Milan Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2022, or that of Marine Serre in Paris, last June. 

The daughter of the international pop star has finally managed, in a single artistic project, to bring together choreography, music, modeling and the eccentricity so particular to the Madonna phenomenon. 


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