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Long hair over 60? Why yes, according to Demi Moore

In a recent interview, the American actress spoke out against criticism of hair that is too long after 60. But how to take care of it?

Demi Moore vociferously defends her long hair: in a recent interview with People, the actress lashed out at those who believe that "at a certain age" you have to cut it. "Who said the older you get the shorter your hair has to be? I find it an antiquated and macho unwritten rule." The hair look of the actress, 60 years old next November, in recent times is indeed a very bright XXL and extra black hair to which she dedicates a specific routine.

Demi Moore, yes to long hair after 60

The American actress is just the latest to tackle an issue that for many women seems taken for granted: getting a haircut past the age of 60. A "rule" not that Demi Moore doesn't like, not even for script requirements so much as to declare, "If I ever have to play the role of a woman with short hair, wide open to wigs."

And Moore is not the only one who continues to wear XXL hair. In addition to her, Cher, Vera Wang, Andie MacDowell, and Sarah Jessica Parker have also chosen to sport very long hair in defiance of convention.

"I've done everything to my hair: dyed it, cut it short to a shave. Now I really feel like myself with this length. What makes me uncomfortable are the comments about when I will cut it given my age."

XXL hair over 60: why people think it's better to cut it off

But, clichés aside, cutting hair after age 60 for many can be a real necessity. For at this stage, the shaft begins to weaken due to menopause and the changes it brings about on the body. And hair is no different either.

They begin to look duller and less shiny, but above all they begin to thin and deplete: from the age of 50, in fact, their life cycle slows down thus leading to greater fragility and, consequently, to more hair loss.

The cause is hormonal changes. In particular, estrogen decreases, which is crucial not only for the metabolism of the hair but also for the well-being of the hair bulbs.

How to keep them long without aging

For those who choose to keep them, a specific hair routine is essential. For Demi Moore, the must-have treatment is a silky conditioner from hairstylist Kevin Murphy made with antioxidant and moisturizing ingredients, as well as vitamin C and shea butter, that helps nourish and brighten extra-long hair.

Just like the skin, hair also dehydrates and needs deep nourishment on both the lengths and the scalp. Shampoos with restructuring formulations, specific hair masks, pre-shampoo scrubs to thoroughly cleanse the scalp, and energizing boosts are essentials at home, as are oils and butters.

In the salon, however, keratin treatments and hyaluronic acid fillers are perfect so as to strengthen and rejuvenate the lengths.

Cut and color, essential for XXL hair

Also not to be underestimated is the importance of cut and color. After 60, long hair is worn scaled for two reasons: to camouflage certain aspects of the face, for example its natural sagging especially in the chin area, and to enhance its strengths. As well as creating movement to the hair, thus avoiding a "flat" result.

For this very reason, single-color is not recommended, which makes the face lose three-dimensionality. Better to create plays of light and shadow, tending to choose light shades that brighten and rejuvenate.

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