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Yang Huiyan Net Worth 2023


Yang Huiyan Net Worth 2023 Yang Huiyan

Yang Huiyan

Height1.71 m m.Yang Huiyan Height - 1.71 mm.
Birthday2022-11-23Yang Huiyan Birthday: 2022-11-23
GenderfemaleYang Huiyan Gender - female
ProfessionbusinessmenYang Huiyan - One of the richest Billionaires
Weight75 kgYang Huiyan Weight - 75 kg

Yang Huiyan Wiki and Bio

Born 2022-11-23, Yang Huiyan is definitely one of the most well-known female businessmen, like Yeoh Tiong Lay, Stephen Van Rensselaer, Rodney Lewis, Danil Khachaturov, Achmad Hamami, . Yang Huiyan gained popularity also with the help of social media: Instagram, YouTube and TikTok.

Yang Huiyan Net Worth: 2023 update

2023 Yang Huiyan net worth and salary

According to statistics and other open sources, in 2023 Yang Huiyan net worth is estimated around $ - good for businessmen.

Yang Huiyan net worth: Yang Huiyan is the major shareholder of Country Garden Holdings and one of the wealthiest nation in Mainland China. Yang Huiyan has a net worth of $24 billion. Born to the fobelow and chairman of real lands developer, Yeung Kwok Keung, she accepted 70% of Country Garden’s shares from her father precedently its stock market propel in 2007. The same year she was named the wealthiest individual in China with a net worth of $16.2 billion. Even though her fortune has dropped dramatically in 2008/2009, 2012 was a busy year for the company. As of June, 2012 Country Garden was working on 110 projects, most of which were in its home base of Guangdong Province. Additionally, 17 hotels were joined to the other 29 that the company already owns or operates, mainly below the Phoenix brand. The Ohio State University graduate turned billionaire, is currently married and she is one of the wealthiest nation in Mainland China.

Yang Huiyan Net Worth is similar to:

    Yang Huiyan partner

    As of 03/06/2023, Yang Huiyan spouse seems to be unknown.

    How tall is Yang Huiyan?

    Yang Huiyan is 1.71 m m. tall. Of course, Yang Huiyan height changes with time slowly.

    People with similar height:

    What is is Yang Huiyan weight?

    As of 2023, Yang Huiyan weights approximately 75 kg.

    What happened with Yang Huiyan?

    Check the latest news about Yang Huiyan here.

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    When was Yang Huiyan born?

    Yang Huiyan was born on 2022-11-23 🎂.

    Yang Huiyan age

    As of 03/06/2023, Yang Huiyan age is 0.

    Is Yang Huiyan still alive?

    Thankfully, Yang Huiyan is still alive (as of 03/06/2023) and is 0 years old. Keep in mind though that the datadabe is updated always with some lag.

    Yang Huiyan and Yang Hyun Suk

    Yang Hyun Suk is one of the most well-known businessmen.

    Yang Hyun Suk vs Yang Huiyan

    Yang Hyun Suk net worth 2023

    Unlike Yang Huiyan, as of 03/06/2023 Yang Hyun Suk net worth is about $ 150.000.000 in 2023.

    Yang Hyun Suk height

    How tall is Yang Hyun Suk? Well, Yang Hyun Suk height is approximately 1.71 m (compare with Yang Huiyan height of 1.71 m).

    What is Yang Hyun Suk age?

    Yang Hyun Suk was born in 1976, while Yang Huiyan, as mentioned above, was born in 2022-11-23.

    How rich is Yang Huiyan - Net Worth in 2023: $

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