Victor Voronov Patrimonio 2022


Victor Voronov

Victor Voronov

Height1.71 mVictor Voronov height is 1.71 m
Was born in1984-07-04Victor Voronov birthday is 1984-07-04
GenderMaleAs we can see, Victor Voronov is a Male
ProfessionLawyer, AttorneyVictor Voronov is related to Attorney

Qual è il patrimonio di Victor Voronov in 2022

Victor Voronov Stipendio annuale 2022

Secondo le statistiche di, in 2022 Victor Voronov il patrimonio netto aumenterà fino a circa $ 3000000. Questo è un patrimonio netto relativamente alto rispetto ad altre .

Quanti soldi guadagna Victor Voronov

Secondo le nostre statistiche (aggiornate in 09/12/2022), il valore esatto e completo dello stipendio di Victor Voronov non viene divulgato, ma il reddito di Victor Voronov in 2022 è (o era in precedenza) quindi il patrimonio netto di Victor Voronov è di circa 3000000.

Victor Voronov Net Worth è simile a quello di una delle seguenti persone:

Victor Voronov Wiki e biografia

Nato 1984-07-04, Victor Voronov è sicuramente dei più conosciuti, come Danny Williams, Jack Abramoff, Eric Holder, Tim Pawlenty, Zygi Wilf, . La popolarità di Victor Voronov è cresciuta rapidamente anche con l'aiuto dei social media: Instagram, YouTube e Tiktok.

Devo ancora aggiornare le informazioni su Victor Voronov Spouse - ma sicuramente, essendo un attraente Male, alto quasi 1.71 m, Victor Voronov può scegliere un partner adatto (probabilmente è anche dei famosi ).

Victor Voronov Spouse

A partire da 09/12/2022, non disponiamo di informazioni affidabili e precise sul Spouse di Victor Voronov. Aggiorneremo queste informazioni fino alla fine di 2022.

Quanto è alto Victor Voronov

Una buona domanda. In particolare, Victor Voronov è alto quasi 1.71 m. Come accade con tutte le persone, Victor Voronov 1.71 m cambia lentamente nel tempo.

Celebrità con altezza simile:

Nazionalità di Victor Voronov

Forse è meglio dire che è misto. La nazionalità di Victor Voronov non è la cosa che viene spesso sottolineata nei media pubblici.

Le foto di nudo di Victor Voronov sono false?

Non abbiamo notizie che Victor Voronov stesse posando nudo. Probabilmente, le foto di nudo di Victor Voronov sono false o trapelate.

Victor Voronov famiglia

Non disponiamo di informazioni dettagliate sulla famiglia Victor Voronov a partire da 09/12/2022 (ad eccezione di alcuni fatti descritti nel testo principale su Victor Voronov).

Cosa è successo con Victor Voronov

Ecco Notizie su Victor Voronov il 09/12/2022.

Quando è nato Victor Voronov?

Victor Voronov è nato il 1984-07-04 🎂.

Victor Voronov età

Al giorno 09/12/2022, l'età di Victor Voronov è 38.

Victor Voronov è ancora vivo?

Per fortuna, Victor Voronov è ancora vivo (dal 09/12/2022) e ha 38 anni. Tieni presente però che il datadabe viene aggiornato sempre con un certo ritardo.

Victor Voronov e Victor Joseph Mignogna

Victor Joseph Mignogna è dei American BMX Rider più noti.

Scotty Cranmer is also known for being a BMX rider . He is also seen as the bulldozer by many of his fans. He also owns a YouTube channel . Play for the X - Games and have won numerous awards and accolades in a short time. It has several sponsors. He also performed many stunts in some films. He was turned into a professional racing driver at the age of 18 alone .


How well do you know Scotty Cranmer? If not a lot, we’ve put together everything you need to know in 2021, age, height, weight, wife, kids, bio, and all the details of his life on Scotty Cranmer Net Worth. Well, if you & # 8217; all phrases again, here’s what we know so far about Scotty Cranmer

biography and early life

Scotty was born. on January 11, 1987. He is a native of Jackson Township, New Jersey of the United States. He is the eldest son of Scott Cranmer and Donna Cranmer. He has a younger brother named Matty Cranmer. From early childhood, he had a keen interest in outdoor sports . He was deeply inspired by the man who became a pilot at the age of 15, by the name of Mat Hoffman. He always displayed bold demeanor and never gave up

Age, height, weight and amp. Body Measurement

So how old is Scotty Cranmer in 2021 and what is his height and weight? Well, Scotty Cranmer & # 8217; The age of 34 when he was born on January 11 today, August 8, 2021, 1987 Although he stands 5’9 "in feet and inches and 177 cm in centimeters, he weighs approximately 143 pounds in pounds and 65 kg in kilograms. / p>


Scotty graduated from Jackson Memorial High School and has always shown an interest in athletic activities that ended in school and were never good at school or in scientific achievements. So he decided to pursue a career in sport only where his commitment will reside and will be.


Personal life. Dating, girlfriends, wife, children

Scotty has never been very open about his life sentimental and always liked to keep things in themselves , but in 2016 he made a shocking revelation when he announced that he would go to the knot was tied with Lisa Cranmer . Lisa is always seen to be divided around his pictures of happy couples and it looked like they were enjoying life matrimonial.

Is Scotty Cranmer gay? 

No, Scotty is definitely not as gay as we now know. He is married to a woman. This is not a way to prove he is gay.

Professional Background

Scotty has set foot in his field in 2005. He holds many records and its success has been rapid in the next few years. He also had terrible accidents which held him back for some time; but it was all right, again with the right treatment. He always had that endless enthusiasm within him that helped him overcome all obstacles.

He participated first in the AST Dew Tour and then in the Vans Let it Ride Street Contest and the Cool Challenge. In all these races he managed to reach the second position. This opened up new doors of opportunity for him and he garnered several sponsorships which included Vans shoes, Fox clothing, Monster Energy Drink, Protech Cement, etc. On top of that, he also owns a SC Action Sport bike. He has been seen performing daring and dangerous stunts in films such as Illustrated, Next X and Hella Crazy. He also has a Youtube channel where he has millions of fans pouring their love on his videos. He also includes his brother Matty in several of his videos.


Scotty, for his excellent skills as a BMX rider , has received numerous opportunities and awards. He received a large cash prize for his game. He received nine medals. He received his first gold medal in 2016. On top of that, he also represented his country, the United States, in international games and even won some medals which is quite remarkable. He is considered to be one of the best drivers in the country which is a success for him

Net worth, salary and amp. In 2021 a Scotty Cranmer achievement


Scotty Cranmer’s net worth is estimated in 2021 and found $2 million. He deserves this significant amount of income after being a successful BMX rider and represented by his country in international tournaments. It is also endorsed by various sports brands, which boosts its value to the next level.

Some interesting facts you need to know 

  • Fans are deeply saddened to learn that Scotty had a terrible spinal cord injury compared to the year 2016. 
  • He has been partially paralyzed for several years, and this has had a positive effect on his career. But it is good to do now . 
  • It is pretty active on all platforms of social media and public often his stunts in mini bike. 

It is fair to say that he is truly thriving in his career. It could actually reach incredible heights. He is truly an inspiring example and has indeed proven himself to all who have underestimated him. He had a lot of things holding him back, but he was able to break through all of those things. Literally nothing held him back, neither his defeats nor his injuries. He had the right amount of determination and hard work that helped him become a BMX rider . 0 pixels; Height: 0px; Line height: 0px; Margin: 0; Padding: 0; clear: both; ">

Scotty Cranmer is an American BMX rider who has won a total of 9 medals in a relatively short period of time. Much of his fame stems from his successful YouTube channel, where he posts his own bike and car stunts together with his friends. His YouTube channel has garnered around 1 million subscriptions in a very short time.

Scotty Cranmer also has several records, for example, he is the first rider to perform ’Front Flip Tail whip’ in a competition and he has also performed ’Seat Stand Front Flip’ for his channel of Youtube. Scotty has also appeared in many feature films with cameos over the years.

You may know Scotty Cranmer very well, but do you know how old and tall he is and what is his net worth in 2021? ? If you don’t know, we have put together this article on the details of the short biography-wiki, career, professional life, personal life of Scotty Cranmer, current net worth, age, height, weight and more facts. Well, if you’re ready, let’s get started.

Early Life

Scotty Cranmer was born on January 11, 1987 in Jackson Township, New Jersey, to parents Dona and Scot. He has a younger brother named Matt, who is seen as a regular guest on Scotty’s YouTube channel. He passed his high school from Jackson Memorial High School, and right after that, at the age of 18, he became a professional BMX rider.

His sassy, ​​never-dying attitude earned him the nickname "The Bulldozer" from his friends and colleagues. During his career as a professional cyclist, Scotty has suffered several serious accidents for which he has undergone various surgeries.

One of his surgeries, after a horrible accident while filming a Monster Energy drink commercial, was shared on his social networks, where millions of fans supported him and donated through various campaigns . Scotty is married to Lisa, his lifelong partner, and lives with his parents and a pet dog.

Age, height and weight

Born on January 11, 1987, Scotty Cranmer is 34 years old as of today, August 9, 2021. He is 1.77 m tall and weighs 69 kg.


Scotty began his journey as a professional cyclist after completing high school in 2005 at the age of 18 and was finally praised for his daring stunts and undying enthusiasm. After earning the professional driver label, he participated in various competitions such as ’AST Dew Tour’, ’Vans Let it Ride Street Contest’ and ’The Cool Challenge’ finishing second almost always.

Due to the unprecedented success that Scotty has witnessed as a cyclist, many high-profile brands, such as’ Hyper Bikes’, ’Vans Shoes’,’ Fox Clothing ’,’ Monster Energy Drink ’,’ Protech cement ’and’ Snafu ’, to name a few, sponsor him. He has promoted his products using them in most of his competitions and also on his YouTube channel. Apart from this, it also endorses these brands.

Scotty Cranmer is also the proud owner of a bike shop called ’SC Action Sports Bicycle’ in New Jersey. Furthermore, he has also appeared as himself in many films, such as ’Illustrated’, ’Hella crazy’ and ’Next X’, where he performed daring stunts on a bike.

Awards and achievements

Scotty Cranmer won his first gold medal in 2016 and has since won nine other medals at various riding events in a very short time. He is also recognized for his ability to perform daring stunts, which he performs at various events and even movies.

Net Worth & Scotty Cranmer’s Salary in 2021


As of August 2021, Scotty Cranmer’s estimated net worth is approximately $2 million. He has amassed this considerable fortune with his successful racing career, where he has won several competitions. His fame as a pilot has also earned him several lucrative endorsement deals with many leading brands.

Scotty Cranmer has made a name for himself around the world with sheer hard work and dedication, and even after so many serious accidents, he refuses to even slow down, let alone quit. to the profession of your dreams. We wish you luck for your future projects.

Scotty Cranmer is an American BMX rider who has won a sum of 9 decorations in a generally brief period. Quite a bit of his acclaim is an aftereffect of his fruitful YouTube channel, where he posts his own bicycle and vehicle stunts alongside his companions. His YouTube channel has accumulated around 1 million memberships in an exceptionally limited capacity to focus time.

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Scotty Cranmer likewise holds various records, for example, he is the first-historically speaking rider to perform ‘Front Flip Tailwhip’ in opposition and has additionally performed ‘Seat Stand Front Flip’ for his YouTube channel. Scotty has additionally graced a lot of highlight films with his appearances throughout the years.

Possibly you think about Scotty Cranmer quite well Yet do you realize how old and tall would he say he is, and what is his total assets in 2020? In the event that you don’t have the foggiest idea, We have arranged this article about subtleties of Scotty Cranmer’s short account wiki, vocation, proficient life, individual life, the present total assets, age, tallness, weight, and more realities. All things considered, in case you’re prepared, how about we start.

Early Life

Scotty Cranmer was conceived on 11 January 1987 in Jackson Township, New Jersey, to guardians Dona and Scot. He has a more youthful sibling named Matt, who is viewed as an ordinary visitor on Scotty’s YouTube channel. He passed his secondary school from Jackson Commemoration Secondary school, and soon after that, at 18 years old, he turned into an expert BMX rider.

His challenging and never beyond words earned him the epithet of “The Piece of machinery” from his companions and partners. During his excursion as an expert rider, Scotty has been in various genuine mishaps for which he has experienced different medical procedures.


One of his medical procedures, following a terrible mishap while going for a Beast Caffeinated drink business, was shared on his online networking, where a great many fans upheld and gave for him through different crusades. Scotty is hitched to Lisa, his accomplice forever, and lives alongside his folks and a pet pooch.

Scotty Cranmer Age, Height & Weight

Being conceived on 11 January 1987, Scotty Cranmer is 33 years of age starting the present date ninth May 2020. His tallness is 1.77 m tall, and his weight is 69 kg.


Scotty began his excursion as an expert rider subsequent to finishing his Secondary School in 2005 at the youthful age of 18 and was at last adulated for his challenging tricks and undying energy. In the wake of getting the tag of an expert rider, he partook in different rivalries, for example, ‘AST Dew Visit,’ ‘Vans Let it Ride Road Challenge,’ and ‘The Cool Test’ completing second pretty much inevitable.

Because of the extraordinary achievement, Scotty has seen as a rider, numerous prominent brands, as ‘Hyper Bicycles,’ ‘Vans Shoes,’ ‘Fox Apparel,’ ‘Beast Caffeinated Drink,’ ‘Protech concrete’ and ‘Mess’ to give some examples, support him. He has helped their items by utilizing them in a large portion of his rivalries and furthermore on his YouTube channel. Aside from this, he additionally embraces these brands.

Scotty Cranmer is additionally the glad proprietor of a bicycle shop named ‘SC Activity Sports Bike’ in New Jersey. Additionally, he has likewise shown up as himself in numerous films, as ‘Represented,’ ‘Hella insane,’ and ‘Next X,’ where he performed brave bicycle stunts.

Grants and Accomplishments

Scotty Cranmer won his first gold decoration in 2016 and from that point forward has packed away nine different awards for different riding occasions in a brief timeframe. He additionally is perceived for his talent for brave tricks, which he performs on different occasions and even movies.

Personal Information

Celebrated Name: Scotty Cranmer
Real Name/Full Name: Scotty Cranmer
Gender: Male
Scotty Cranmer Age: 33 years old
Birth Date: 11 January 1987
Birth Place: Jackson Township, New Jersey, United States
Nationality: American
Scotty Cranmer Height: 1.77 m
Weight: 69 kg
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Marital Status: Married
Scotty Cranmer Wife/Spouse (Name): ‎Lisa
Children: No
Profession: American BMX rider
Net Worth in 2020: $2 million
Last Updated: May 2020

Scotty Cranmer Net Worth

As of May 2020, The assessed total assets of Scotty Cranmer is about $2 million. He has amassed this extensive fortune with his fruitful riding profession, where he has won different rivalries. His prestige as a rider has additionally presented to him a few rewarding supports that manages many driving brands.

Scotty Cranmer has made his name worldwide with sheer difficult work and devotion, and much after such a large number of genuine mishaps, he declines even to back off, not to mention surrender his fantasy calling. We wish him karma for his future undertakings.

Whoever composed this article needs to figure out how to do legitimate research. Scotty was in a genuine mishap in 2016 from which he was left completely deadened and now is as yet recuperating. He won his nine awards in the range from 2005-2015.

He didn’t win his first gold in 2016 as he crushed his spirit contending in mid-2016, preceding he increasingly genuine mishap toward the finish of 2016. Before you compose an article do the correct research. It’s pitiful that you had the option to get this distributed with no guarantees, brimming with mistaken data.

Victor Joseph Mignogna contro Victor Voronov

Victor Joseph Mignogna patrimonio netto 2022

A differenza di Victor Voronov, al 09/12/2022 Victor Joseph Mignogna il patrimonio netto è di circa $ 2000000 in 2022.

altezza Victor Joseph Mignogna

Quanto è alto Victor Joseph Mignogna? Bene, l'altezza di Victor Joseph Mignogna è approssimativamente di 1.71 m (confronta con l'altezza di Victor Voronov di 1.71 m).

Qual è l'età di Victor Joseph Mignogna?

Victor Joseph Mignogna è nato a 1987-01-11, mentre Victor Voronov, come menzionato sopra, è nato a 1984-07-04.

Patrimonio Victor Voronov - stipendio in 2022: €3000000

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