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Gigi Santo Pietro

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According to the stats, in 2022 Gigi Santo Pietro is planning to earn approximately 70.5 million. This is a relatively good amount compared to other celebrity.

What happened with Gigi Santo Pietro

Here are the latest news about Gigi Santo Pietro .

How much money does Gigi Santo Pietro make

This may vary, but it is likely that Gigi Santo Pietro income in 2022 is (or was previously) somewhere around 70.5 million.

When was Gigi Santo Pietro born?

Gigi Santo Pietro age

In public sources there is information that Gigi Santo Pietro age is about .

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Is Gigi Santo Pietro till alive?

We would like to hope so...

How tall is Gigi Santo Pietro

A good question. Notably, Gigi Santo Pietro is almost tall!

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Perhaps it is better to say that it`s mixed...

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Do you know American television personality Vanna White? She received great recognition for her work on the television show Wheel of Fortune. She gained so much fame that her children have been treated like a celebrity throughout the years. Well, in today’s class we are going to talk about her youngest daughter, Gigi Santo Pietro.

Well, in case you didn’t know, Gigi is an actress, like her mother. However, so far she has only been seen in a few television series. In this article, we’ve brought you some untold facts about her career, her family, boyfriend, marriage, and more.
Let’s start.

Gigi Santo Pietro is the youngest daughter of  Vanna White

The famous daughter Gigi Santo Pietro was born on July 1, 1997 in the United States as father of George Santo Pietro and mother Vanna White. She will turn 24 in 2021 and is the couple’s youngest daughter.

Pietro grew up with her two parents until they divorced in 2002. But since her separation, she has lived mainly with her mother and sometimes also shares with her father.
In terms of her education, she graduated from NTU’s renowned Tisch School of the Arts from 2015 to 2019. She later went to NYC School, where she studied photography and imaging and pursued her passion for photography.

gigi santo pietro

Gigi Santo Pietro Brothers and Sisters

Gigi has two older brothers, Nikko Santo Pietro, and a half brother Andrea Santo Pietro, who was born from her father’s previous relationship. While Nikko was born on June 10, 1994 and is 27 years old, Andrea was born in 1982 and is 39 years old.

She has never had a public appearance with her half brother Andre hers, but she is very close to her biological brother Nikko. In fact, she love hanging out with him. In 2018, she even spent a full day on New Years Eve with her brother and other family members.

Gigi Santo Pietro is an actress

Like any star child, Gigi seems to be quite influenced by her mother, Vanna. Like her mother, she is also interested in acting, but sadly she has appeared in very few television series.
She had her first television appearance in 2010 on Wheel of Fortune. She later appeared on an episode of CBS News Sunday Morning in 2020.

Speaking of her mother, Vanna White, she has appeared in dozens of movies and television series. She made her acting debut in 1981 with the television movie Midnight Offerings. In the same year she was part of two other projects, Graduation Day, Looker, in which she played a character named Doris and Reston Girl, respectively.

Her other acting appearances include Double Dragon, Style & Substance, The King of Queens, and many others. In addition to acting, she has hosted numerous television series and is best known for Wheel of Fortune, which she has hosted since 1983. Some of her other presenter jobs include Entertainment Tonight, CBS News Sunday Morning, and Good Morning America.

Gigi Santo father owns a restaurant

Unlike her mother, Gigi Santo’s father George owns a restaurant. George is of Italian ethnic origin and owns several restaurants in various cities across the United States.

In addition to restaurants, he also deals with real estate and is successful in both areas. Not only that, he also had his hands in film and television. She has appeared on television series such as Good Morning America, Brooklyn South, Star Trek: Voyager, and many others.

Gigi’s parents divorced when she was young

Needless to say, Gigi Santo’s parents have been one of the most talked about couples in the past. But despite the popularity and love they shared as a true duo, their marriage did not last forever.

They were married in December 1990, which they had announced days before in a ski resort. The former couple received their marriage license from the Pitkin County Courthouse.

But despite everything, their relationship was not meant to last and after almost 12 years of marriage, they divorced. Unfortunately, they did not reveal the exact reason for their divorce.
After her divorce, Vanna began dating a businessman named Michael Kaye. But this time, too, their relationship didn’t last. Well, since 2012, she has reportedly been dating a man named John Donaldson who is a contractor. The couple seem very interested and have been together for years.

Who is Gigi Santo Pietro’s boyfriend?

As a star child, many of her fans expect her to go on a date, but the truth is that Gigi Santo Pietro is single and currently has no boyfriend. As a creative person, she seems to be more focused on her work, especially photography.

Gigi Santo Pietro Net Worth

According to sources, Vanna White’s daughter, Gigi Santo Pietro, has an estimated net worth of $ 500,000. On the other hand, her mother’s fortune is theirs.

Vanna White is an American television personality, model, and actress with a net worth of $ 70 million. She is best known as the presenter and puzzle turner of the long-running game show “Wheel of Fortune”. She is a little richer than her co-host Pat Sajak. Her extra fortune comes from her first marriage to a very successful developer / restaurateur. Vanna White’s salary is $ 10 million a year.

Gigi Santo Pietro Early life

Vanna Marie Rosich was born on February 18, 1957 in Conway, South Carolina. She is the daughter of Joan and Miguel Rosich. Her parents divorced when she was a baby. His mother married a man named Herbert White, Jr. Vanna took his last name. He grew up in North Myrtle Beach and graduated from North Myrtle Beach High School. She moved to Atlanta to attend the Atlanta School of Fashion and Design. While in college, she took part in the Miss Georgia USA contest in 1978. In 1979 she moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. In June 1980 he took part in “The Price is Right”.

Gigi Santo Pietro Career

In 1981 Vanna got a small role in the movie “Looker” and also appeared in the horror movie “Graduation Day”. In October 1982, White was hired as one of three alternate hostesses for Wheel of Fortune. White became the show’s regular host on December 13, 1982, and has remained the show’s main host ever since. He suggested over 200 young women for the job. White will continue to host the late night version of the show with Pat Sajak. Her contract runs until 2022. White has worn more than 6,700 dresses without repetitions during her tenure on “Wheel of Fortune”. She can’t keep her dressing room away from the show. White’s dresses are usually loaned by the designers and returned once she finishes filming the show.

White received a Guinness World Record on May 24, 2013 from “Wheel of Fortune”. His world record is the “most common clapper”. He clapped at least 3,480,864 times in the show’s 30 seasons through January 31, 2013.

“Wheel of Fortune” does six impressive shows a day, which means White and Sajak will only be on set four days a month.

He has appeared in various television programs such as “Just Shoot Me”, “Married With Children”, “The King of Queens” and “The A-Team”.

Playboy Lawsuit

In 1987 Vanna White appeared on the cover of Playboy magazine. On the sides was a photo of a half-naked white man. She did not pose voluntarily for “Playboy”, instead Hugh Hefner bought photos for which she had posed in 1982 as an actress in need. He had to pay the rent. He sued Hefner and the magazine for $ 5.2 million, claiming the shoot damaged the image of his family audience. She withdrew both demands.

Sony Lawsuit

In 1993, Vanna successfully sued Samsung Electronics Corporation for a commercial after the company aired a commercial that featured a smiling robot turning letters into a game show. White claimed the company was using his image without permission. Incredibly, on multiple appeals, Vanna won the lawsuit and received $ 403,000 in damages.

How rich is Gigi Santo Pietro - Net Worth in 2022: $70.5 million

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