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Enzo Knol Net Worth 2023


Enzo Knol Net Worth 2023 Enzo Knol

Enzo Knol

Height1.86 (6′1″)Enzo Knol Height - 1.86.
Birthday1993-06-08Enzo Knol Birthday: 1993-06-08
GenderMaleEnzo Knol Gender - Male
ProfessionYouTuberEnzo Knol - One of the richest
Weight75 kg (165 lbs)Enzo Knol Weight - 75 kg

Enzo Knol Wiki and Bio

Born 1993-06-08, Enzo Knol is definitely one of the most well-known Male YouTuber, like . Enzo Knol gained popularity also with the help of social media: Instagram, YouTube and TikTok.

Enzo Knol Net Worth: 2023 update

2023 Enzo Knol net worth and salary

According to statistics and other open sources, in 2023 Enzo Knol net worth is estimated around $ 2.750.000 - good for YouTuber.

Enzo Knol is one of the most successful Dutch YouTubers. He uploads a new video every day, showing what an "ordinary" day in his life looks like. These vlogs attract hundreds of thousands to sometimes millions of viewers each time. But what does such a thing pay off? This is the power of the famous vlogger.

Enzo Knol uploaded his very first video in 2013. That was the beginning of an incredibly successful career on YouTube. Since then, the counter stands at over four thousand videos and 2.6 million subscribers. These figures make him the very biggest Dutch player in the game of YouTube, with the guys from StukTV hot on his heels. In 2015, he reached the milestone of 1 million followers and by 2018, that number had already doubled. In this piece, we will dissect what the vlogger earns roughly and has at his disposal.

Salary of the famous YouTuber

YouTubers earn about 1,000 bucks per 1 million views on average. At the time of writing, the channel stands at more than 2 billion views. That means Enzo Knol has earned more than 2 million with his YouTube channel. He also has a separate gaming channel with over 700k subscribers, but he doesn't do much with that anymore.

Of course, Youtube is not his only source of income. As a media personality, you also get to sample all kinds of sponsorship deals and can release "merch. This is also exactly where Enzo fills in a large part of his salary. On his website he sells his own merchandise. In an interview with BNR, Enzo Knol reveals that the merchandise determines perhaps half of all his earnings. In total, those earnings amount to about 6.6 million euros per. Part of this will probably also go to his management.

Sponsorship deals

Sponsorship deals are also a lucrative business. Together with Jumbo, he sold back-to-school school supplies. He is also currently working with Sony, Yamaha and regularly shows his face in amusement parks and all kinds of other events. Of course, there will be a nice compensation in return. It is hard to estimate what kind of sums this will involve. Or is it? Based on an answer from another well-known YouTuber, Gio (1.25 million subscribers), something can be made of it. He reveals in a video that the largest amount he has received for a sponsorship deal is about 60,000 euros. That shows how much a Youtube of Enzo's caliber can capture approximately.

How much money does Enzo Knol make?

Knol receives an average of €1000 per million views on his YouTube channel. So his current number of 2.7 billion views would mean €2,700,000 in direct YouTube revenue. He has previously stated that half of his income is due to his merchandise.

What kind of car does Enzo Knol have?

No, it's Enzo Knol's "real" Lamborghini Urus, if we can judge from the photos. Because the license plate is identical. If we look at Mr. Knol's YouTube home page, we can see that he has made the necessary escapades with the Urus.

How many houses does Enzo Knol own?

In 2014 Knol went to live on his own in Hilversum and in March 2016 he bought an apartment in Zeist. Knol announced in early January 2021 that he bought a villa in Soesterberg, moreover, this house is on the same street as that of his brother Milan.

This is how rich Enzo Knol is

In his vlogs, he often drives around in his Lamborghini Urus that he bought for about 332,878 Euros. Before that, he has also been the owner of a Jeep Trackhawk, Porsche Panemera 4S and has had the keys to several motorcycles on his keychain - including a Yamaha Niken, which, by the way, he received as a gift. And other toys like a small dirt bike and an RV. He is also regularly seen at his own apartment in Zeist. He bought the luxurious shelter in 2007 for a sum of 430,000 euros, while the asking price was 465,000 euros. Without taking out a mortgage. For this money, he has a living space of 160 square meters.

In total, his wealth last year was estimated at about 2 to 4 million euros, with a salary of about 1.1 million euros in the past year. Pretty nice at that age!

Who is the richest YouTuber in the Netherlands?

Enzo Knol is definitely the richest Youtuber with Dutch-language vlogs. Enzo Knol has an average of 400,000 views per vlog. He posts a vlog online at least every day. This amounts to about €12,000 per month in views income.

Enzo Knol Net Worth is similar to:

Enzo Knol partner

As of 24/09/2023, Enzo Knol spouse seems to be Dee Van der Zeeuw.

How tall is Enzo Knol?

Enzo Knol is 1.86 tall. Of course, Enzo Knol height changes with time slowly.

People with similar height:

What is is Enzo Knol weight?

As of 2023, Enzo Knol weights approximately 75 kg.

What happened with Enzo Knol?

Check the latest news about Enzo Knol here.

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When was Enzo Knol born?

Enzo Knol was born on 1993-06-08 🎂.

Enzo Knol age

As of 24/09/2023, Enzo Knol age is 30.

Is Enzo Knol still alive?

Thankfully, Enzo Knol is still alive (as of 24/09/2023) and is 30 years old. Keep in mind though that the datadabe is updated always with some lag.

How rich is Enzo Knol - Net Worth in 2023: $2.750.000

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