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Approximate Ad Price

Make a proposal to DETOX WEIGHT LOSS — a notable Instagram star.
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How many followers does DETOX WEIGHT LOSS have?

Currently DETOX WEIGHT LOSS has more than 871.2K followers on Instagram, which is pretty good.

Is DETOX WEIGHT LOSS a proper influencer to work with?

Our stats says that DETOX WEIGHT LOSS posts normally collect about 313 likes in average. If you are fine with that impact level – go on!

Does DETOX WEIGHT LOSS advertisement work?

For marketer to calculate if DETOX WEIGHT LOSS the promotion strategy including advertisement in DETOX WEIGHT LOSS Instagram profile any marketing specialist shoud estimate the potential Cost-per-Lead, amount of traffic and, as a non-direct characteristic, the engagement rate specific for his account @detoxweightloss account which is ~ <0.1%. Not all the DETOX WEIGHT LOSS followers will react to your (or any other) advertisement placed there. ER is a number that tells you the expected outcome.

What will be the reach I get if placing ad in DETOX WEIGHT LOSS Instagram account?

This might be OK for - Nature industry, but keep in mind that the reach of your campaign with DETOX WEIGHT LOSS will be less than 871.2K people (the actual might be 5-10 % of it).

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