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Amelie Lens Net Worth 2023


Amelie Lens

Amelie Lens

Height1.71 mAmelie Lens Height - 1.71 m
Birthday1990-05-31Amelie Lens Birthday: 1990-05-31
GenderFemaleAmelie Lens Gender - Female
ProfessionElectronic Music DJ, Record producer, EntrepreneurAmelie Lens - One of the richest DJs

What is Amelie Lens Net Worth in 2023

Amelie Lens Annual Salary 2023

According to the stats, in 2023 Amelie Lens net worth will grow up to approximately $ 10000000. This is a relatively high net worth compared to other .

Techno phenomenon of Amelie Lens

Amelie Lens’s fans love to show their love and ensure sold-out shows at her concerts all over the world. The girl skillfully breaks the dance floors with her powerful all-encompassing techno, in her performances the very genuine emotional involvement and enthusiasm of a true fan of the genre is noticeable. Each of her posts on social networks is met with thousands of enthusiastic comments.

Fans also bring gifts to her performances, from bouquets of sunflowers, football jerseys with “Amelie” written on the back (she already has over a dozen), and personalized pillows (Serbia) to a huge flag with the words “You are always welcome in our country” (Uruguay).

Amelie also has a collection of fan gifts: many portraits, hand-painted jackets with her own image on the back, paintings of her cats (she couldn’t get the frame from South America, so she cut out the canvas and proudly hung it on her wall at home), cat toys, a ring with a cat on it, “really touching letters” and more.

“It’s incredible,” she says. “Especially because I really like most of the things people give me. It’s like they really know me.”

Every action tends to have multiple reactions, and not everyone is happy with Amelie Lens’ meteoric rise.

“I think I read somewhere that I’m the most loved and most hated DJ in the world,” she says, “and I thought, ‘That’s really me!'”

Accusations that her success is somehow “unreal” or “undeserved” hurt her deeply, especially when they come from those she considers authoritative. She is learning to accept it. The old DJs grew up in a different time, and in their youth it was impossible to have thousands of fans in countries where they had not yet performed. Thanks to social networks, the girl quickly achieved this.

“It all happened so fast…too fast,” Amelie says. – I understand that it will take me at least another ten years to really prove myself. I want to justify the trust of my fan army!”

Typical Amelie Lens weekend

The girl plays in her native Antwerp only once a year. Like every other party she’s attended in the last 18 months, it’s sold out. In a simple black t-shirt dress and Dr. Martens, Lens stands in front of an adoring crowd in a chamber club, dancing and smiling over the soundboards. One girl in front of the counter, desperate for Amelie to sign her T-shirt, strips off and hands it to a guy he doesn’t know – to give it to the DJ. After that, the guy turns out to be a gentleman and offers the girl his own, the club is very stuffy. A minute later, Amelie wrote her name and signed, all three of them smiling wildly and rejoicing at the deal. After the show, there was a mandatory interaction with fans for several minutes. Half an hour later, Lens, her friend and tour manager Sam will fall into a taxi and leave for their beloved cats, Winter, Morris and Frank. Tomorrow morning they will wake up and everything will be repeated in Florence, and the next day in Lisbon.

It’s a typical Amelie Lens weekend. A musician who has gone from a no-name to one of the most popular girls on the techno scene right now in two years. At 28 years old, Amelie has played at all the most prestigious festivals in the world, including Awakenings and Drumcode, released several high-profile EPs, including three on the Pan-Pot Second State label, and launched her own Lenske label. She has hundreds of thousands of fans on Instagram and Facebook who follow her every move. Walking around Antwerp with Amelie Lens, Mixmag learned that her rise was a combination of titanic labors and several lucky gifts of fate.

Amelie Lens: beginnning

Techno first appeared in Amelie’s life when she was 15 years old. She heard it at the famous Belgian festival Dour.

“My friends had a list of artists they wanted to listen to, but I didn’t care,” Lens says, sipping a soy cappuccino in a cozy café. As usual, she looks ready to go to Berghain. Today she’s wearing a black satin bomber jacket, baggy black Levi’s, and black Adidas leather sneakers.

That evening, Amelie, who had been striving for independence from an early age, wandered between the stages and suddenly found herself on the techno dance floor. She doesn’t remember who played, only the feeling that came over her when the bass boomed out of the speakers.

“It was very dark, there were strobe lights all around,” she recalls. “At first I thought, what is this? After a couple of tracks, I liked it.”

Techno took over Amelie and she spent the rest of her teenage years riding trains around Belgium from festival to festival.

“I didn’t go there to socialize because I didn’t know anyone,” she explains. “I just loved listening to music.”

Amelie Lens grandmother

She remembers coming home at 10 am one day after a Boys Noize concert. The grandmother with whom she lived was very worried. When Lens rode the Dour, she lied about going camping. “I was a terrible teenager,” she laughs. “Oh, my poor grandmother!” Many of her fans are familiar with her grandmother, once Amelie took her with her to Pukkelpop.

“She doesn’t really understand what I’m doing,” Lens says. “She tells her friends that I travel the world and sing.” Lens decided to show her her work. The PR people of the festival recorded this moment and posted it on their pages. This led some to accuse the girl of a deliberate publicity stunt. “It’s all a complete lie,” Lens says. “Grandma is one of the most important people in my life.”

When Lens was five years old, her 32-year-old mother, who raised her alone, died of a sudden heart attack. Little Amelie was with her when it happened. Over the next six years, she moved from one aunt to another, but one day she became crowded in ever-growing families and her grandmother decided to take her upbringing into her own hands. Amelie had just turned eleven then.

“Looking back, I understand that the first time after the death of my mother was the most difficult time in my life,” she says. – Nobody ever told me what happened, we didn’t touch this topic. My aunt said that my mother went to heaven, but I didn’t know what it was. I was very embarrassed and closed in on myself. It was difficult for me to get close to people. I was scared to think that I might lose loved ones. I didn’t sleep well, I didn’t eat well, and I was constantly sad.”

The idea that she, too, will someday have children, greatly frightens the girl so far.

“The fear that my children might go through what I went through is terrible. It has already affected many things in my life. I didn’t realize this connection before,” she says.

The trauma of losing her mother made Lins the person she is today: relentlessly ambitious and taking everything from life.

“Every week I think: what could I do better?” the girl reflects. – Maybe if I had a more stable childhood, and I would not have seen how my mother left, then my life would have been calmer. I could allow myself to think, “It can be done next week.” I now have more thoughts in my head: “What if I can’t do it next week? I want to do it now! If something makes me unhappy, I take it out of my life because I don’t have time to be unhappy.”

In addition to that accidental entry into the Dour festival techno scene, there was another event that had a huge impact on Amelie’s life. A lanky 15-year-old girl was spotted by a modeling agent. “I have never been pretty and sweet, I have been thin and tall since childhood, but after his proposal, I thought: why not?”, The girl explains.

After her first lucrative shoot for Levi’s, Amelie realized she could help her grandmother solve her financial problems.

“Modeling is hard work. All DJs worked for someone before starting their musical career. My only job before modeling was cleaning, and despite the difficulty and early age, I certainly started to act a lot.”

Lens didn’t really like working as a model, although she did it for almost ten years. The girl did not like being told what to do, and always believed that she knew better. She spent a lot of time in Paris and was adored by Jean Paul Gaultier, who called her “my little Belgian”.

DJing: her main love

Agencies have always known that DJing is her main love. Amelie started making soundtracks for fashion shows. For the first time she flew to Beijing to perform as a DJ at a fashion show, the second time she was invited to Berlin for a pop set, but she immediately refused. “That’s not what I do,” said Amelie, who has already become well versed in dark house and techno.

After some time, she already began to refuse filming because they intersected with her tours. One day, the girl ran away from London from filming with the famous photographer Tim Walker in order to get to Raresh’s performance in Antwerp. While at London’s Fabric, at a party with DJ Hell, she wondered who was trying to call her cell phone before finally realizing it was the alarm clock. She had a shoot for Harrods that morning. “I went there straight from the club,” says Amelie. “They didn’t know how talkative I usually was, so they just thought I was really calm and phlegmatic,” she laughs. “They even booked me again.”

Three years after she fell in love with techno, Lens began studying to become a DJ and produce tracks with the help of Sam. They met at a club on the night of her 18th birthday and bonded over their love of music.

“I often went to his studio because it was easier for me to study together. Instead of watching YouTube videos, I could see how things really work,” Lens explains. — I started to do something on my own, at first it turned out to be something like old school tracks with different funny instruments. That’s exactly what started it all.”

Together they launched the Matterhorn party series in Antwerp and Amelie began performing under various aliases: Renee (her mother’s name) and Soren (she once performed under it with DJ Hell and Rosalie De Meyer in Munich).

Amelie Lens and Modeling

Along the way, doing modeling and music, Amelie opened a muesli company called Baerbar. Lens has been very responsible for his health since childhood.

“I hate to see mothers buying their kids all this junk food in supermarkets,” she says. “At first I wanted to make bars that could be sold in schools, but in the end we ended up making cereals.”

The couple bought a three-story house in Antwerp. They made their oatmeal on the first floor, their music studio was on the second, and their bedroom was on the third. Oatmeal almost instantly became a bestseller. Their home was not large enough to meet the demand for Baerbar. “We did everything ourselves – I remember crying from exhaustion one night as I was putting fruit and oats in cups,” she laughs.

By this point, Amelie Lens had already begun to perform under her own name and created pages on Facebook and SoundCloud, where she began to publish podcasts and send her work to label owners. After several long months with no response, the Italian label Lyase announced that they wanted to release her complex and atmospheric track “Exhale”, with her signature breathy vocals. They noticed him in one of the mixes. A little later, the Berlin duo Pan-Pot also heard “Exhale” and wanted to take it to the Second State, but Lyase was ahead of them. After the first release, Pan-Pot approached Amelie and said they would like to release her next album. They were inspired by her “rough but crisp sound,” explains Pan-Pot’s Thomas. “In my eyes, this girl was bringing back the old acid sound from the 90s. I completely forgot how fun it was to listen to such energetic and fast techno. I love how she pairs it with her fresh taste.”

“During our first Skype call, I cried with happiness!” – the girl shares, calling the guys from Pan-Pot “family”. Exhale had another famous fan – Maceo Plex.

“I kept playing in very small venues and one day someone showed me a video of Maceo playing my track. I started to cry, Sam asked, “what’s the matter?” And I said, “Just look!”

In September 2016, Amelie was about to play one of her first sets at a Pan-Pot event and collapsed from overwork at the consoles. She was sent home. “I was upset, but it was the very bell I needed,” the girl complains.

She and Sam decided to stop production of Baerbar on the same day – “we didn’t make any announcements, we just stopped.”

A day later, she called the agency to say that she had decided to end her career.

“They were so happy for me, I think they even opened the champagne,” says Amelie. They said: “Finally! You’ve made up your mind!”

When the girl fully focused on music, success began to come much faster. Richie Hawtin remembers hearing her for the first time at ADE 2017. “I saw her surrounded by a group of mostly male DJs and agents who were just standing there and looking at her. You know I hate it when you try to play and people stand still behind you and stare, it’s really annoying! So I went to the dance floor. I couldn’t see Amelie from where I was, but I was very immersed in the music she was playing. This mix of old and new tracks, hard, soft, fast and pulsating, hypnotic and energetic. To be honest, it was really nice to hear a techno set that didn’t make you feel like you were supposed to be marching, not dancing. It was very intense, but she added something infectious and funny.”

Amelie Lens and Adam Beyer

Adam Beyer was blown away by her work on the Pan-Pot label. He describes it as “a unique and pure form of timeless techno”.

“You can feel the passion by watching her. There are very few musicians with a similar energy,” Adam shares.

Just like Hawtin, Lens admits to being obsessed with controlling every aspect of her career. “I remember after the first contract with the agent, I said: “you will not get any work, because I refuse everything.”

It may be hard to believe now, given her touring schedule, but in the beginning, she regularly turned down offers to play, especially if she didn’t think she had strong enough line-up neighbors.

“The right time is the most important thing for me. Often I felt that I was not yet ready to play in any place. I often look at the statistics of my Facebook page to understand how many fans I have in a particular country. I don’t want to upset anyone. I’m always interested in playing in new countries.”

The pressure that Lens is deliberately putting himself under is enormous. She studies which artists are the most popular in a particular city and changes her sets based on this. She asks promoters about the best parties in the club. She wants to be the best. For Amelie, it’s all about preparation, learning who’s playing before and who’s after, adjusting the set to the timing. Before each performance, she studies the crowd for at least 20 minutes. Nothing just happens.

After her performance in Antwerp, everyone was sweating. There are no easy moments in her sets, just not as a class. Her latest track combined a steel drum beat, rock guitar lines and vocals that are almost inaudible due to the scream of hooting people. The girl smiles at the crowd. Amelie Lens is a twisted music freak, she enjoys life. Amelie Lens is real and now she can’t be stopped.

Amelie Lens Net Worth is close to that one of the following people:

How much money does Amelie Lens make

According to our stats (updated 30/03/2023), the exact and complete value of Amelie Lens salary is not disclosed, but Amelie Lens income in 2023 is (or was previously) so that Amelie Lens net worth is around 10000000.

Amelie Lens wiki and bio

Born 1990-05-31, Amelie Lens is definitely one of the most well-known , like Demi Lovato, Amanda Cerny, Danna Paola, Jessica Iskandar, rodrigofaro, . Amelie Lens popularity has grown rapidly also with the help of social media - Instagram, YouTube and Tiktok.

We still have to update the info on Amelie Lens Spouse - but surely, being an atractive Female, almost 1.71 m tall, Amelie Lens can choose a proper partner (probably it's one of the famous as well).

Amelie Lens Spouse

As of 30/03/2023, we do not have reliable and precise info about the Spouse of Amelie Lens. We will update this information till the end of 2023.

How tall is Amelie Lens?

As far as we know, Amelie Lens is almost 1.71 m tall. Like it normally happens, Amelie Lens height changes with time slowly.

Celebrities with similar height:

What is Amelie Lens nationality?

Perhaps it is better to say that it's mixed. Amelie Lens nationality is not the thing that is often mentioned in public media.

Are Amelie Lens nude photos fake?

We have no confirmation that Amelie Lens was seen naked. Probably, Amelie Lens nudes are fake or maybe leaked.

Amelie Lens family

As of 30/03/2023, we do not have detailed info on Amelie Lens family (except for some facts described in the main text about Amelie Lens).

What happened with Amelie Lens?

Here are News about Amelie Lens on 30/03/2023.

When was Amelie Lens born?

Amelie Lens was born on 1990-05-31 🎂.

Amelie Lens age

As of 30/03/2023, Amelie Lens age is 32.

Is Amelie Lens still alive?

Thankfully, Amelie Lens is still alive (as of 30/03/2023) and is 32 years old. Keep in mind though that the datadabe is updated always with some lag.

Amelie Lens and Amélie Mauresmo

Amélie Mauresmo is one of the most well-known athletes.

Amélie Mauresmo vs Amelie Lens

Amélie Mauresmo net worth 2023

Unlike Amelie Lens, as of 30/03/2023 Amélie Mauresmo net worth is about $ 8.000.000 in 2023.

Amélie Mauresmo height

How tall is Amélie Mauresmo? Well, Amélie Mauresmo height is approximately 1.75 (compare with Amelie Lens height of 1.71 m).

What is Amélie Mauresmo age?

Amélie Mauresmo was born in 1979-07-05, while Amelie Lens, as mentioned above, was born in 1990-05-31.

How rich is Amelie Lens - Net Worth in 2023: $10000000

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