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Lily Collins wears the basic coat that goes with EVERY outfit

Lily Collins wears the basic coat that goes with EVERY outfit - shop the style at Mango for 150 euros

Lily Collins wears the basic coat that goes with EVERY outfit – buy the style at Mango for 150 euros.

All of us who are busy waiting for the new season of "Emily in Paris", apart from Christmas market visits and the end of the year, should be happy that actress Lily Collins is currently being spotted a lot. Her looks enchant us from head to toe – from new hairstyles to the most exciting outfits, she is a real styling inspiration. We share our recent obsession with one of the pieces she wears with you here. This is a coat that embodies timeless elegance and goes with absolutely EVERY outfit.

Perfectly styled in a camel coat: Lily Collins wins our hearts with this coat look.

We love "Emily in Paris", but we love Lily in New York just as much: For her appearance on the talk show "The View" she wears an asymmetrical jumpsuit with a flared leg. But even in NYC the temperatures have dropped and a cover-up is urgently needed as soon as you leave the TV studio. And what better to throw over an elegant look like Lily's than a camel coat? That's right, we can't think of anything either! Her double-breasted model with lapel collar and black buttons is simple yet has a totally classy look. The typical camel brown colour harmonises wonderfully with the sky blue jumpsuit, and the black handbag doesn't look too harsh in contrast at all – a look to fall in love with!

Shop the camel coat at Mango: Here you'll find our favourite, which looks just like Lily Collins' model

This handmade camel coat from Mango embodies exactly what we love about celebrity style: timeless elegance, classic design and therefore the perfect basic character. It has a lapel, two rows of buttons and is partly made from recycled wool. 

Must-have? Camel Coat! That's why this coat is a must-have for every capsule wardrobe.

Brown is indeed a colour that not everyone dares to wear. Camel brown in particular is supposedly not as universal and easy to combine as black. But is that really true? We think: definitely not! There are hardly any colour shades that wouldn't go with a camel coat, and its style is classically simple, which means it can be styled both elegantly and casually. As Lily Collins' look proves: any chic jumpsuit or party dress would look great under the coat. But also a combination of camel coat + jeans + sneakers + hoodie is one we would immediately hit the like button on! 

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