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Lili Reinhart shares this candid pimple photo of herself – with an important message

It's far too rare to see pimples, acne and the like on Instagram – especially among Hollywood stars. Actress Lili Reinhart now shows that they also have to struggle with it with an honest Instagram post.

Currently, many well-known celebrities are increasingly foregoing the use of filters in social media and are even drawing attention to how different they often are from a realistic image – a trend we think is great. "Riverdale" actress Lili Reinhart has long been a supporter of more reality on social media – and now she proved it in a new way. In her Instagram stories, she shared a picture of herself with blemished skin, pimple patches and an important message on 22.10.2022.

Lili Reinhart: This is how honestly she talks about her acne

The first thing anyone who lands on Lili Reinhart's Instagram profile reads is this sentence: "This is a safe space for body positivity and mental health awareness/acceptance." It's rare to find such a bio for big stars – and the actress lives up to her announcement. In posts and stories, she regularly shares private concerns, insecurities about her body and realistic impressions that you can often identify with. This was also the case on 22.10.2022, when she showed her more than 28 million (!) followers a selfie without make-up and with pimple patches in her Instagram stories.

Lili Reinhart wrote about the photo: "I've been struggling with a bad bout of acne for the past few weeks, which has taken a toll on me psychologically. Acne is a big trigger for my BD [Body Dysmorphia / Körperdysmorphie] and I always want to crawl under a rock when I get pimples. But I try not to let it get me down."

Lili Reinhart wants to normalise pimples and acne in the film industry

Honest and totally understandable, the actress shares her feelings around her blemished skin: "Yes, it's easy to feel uncomfortable when pimples appear and are visible to everyone. But unfortunately there is a reason for this, because there is still a stigma that impure skin means you eat badly, you don't care for your skin properly and much more". The consequence: people are ashamed of it – but that's exactly what Lili Reinhart wants to do about it by sharing her story and normalising acne. She went on to write: "With this post, I'm trying to normalise acne in my industry so that I and others feel more accepted and less ashamed."

In the past, the actress has already spoken on Instagram about how she finds it hard to ignore the toxic beauty standards in the film industry and how she has always been critical of herself and her body because of it. With her honest posts, she shows that everyone struggles with self-doubt – and that we are not alone. But more importantly, she tells her followers that it's normal to struggle with pimples – yes, even in Hollywood. Thank you for that, Lili.


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