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The walk to Jimmy Kimmel's studio gave style aficionados a glimpse of two beautiful autumn garments.

The stretch between the car park and the entrance to the studios of the Jimmy Kimmel Live! TV show is a privileged area. In a time of news junkies and in an age where the average iPhone acts as a CCTV camera for celebrities, the 30 seconds between the car and the media lounge is a de facto catwalk. Lewis Hamilton knows this and knows the value of it. Hamilton, on the occasion of his appearance on the show of the sympathetic interviewer in a room full of ever-laughing spectators, wore not one, but two show jackets, both in and out. The long road to late-night prominence has been traversed by Marvel stars, political titans, and even that furious little potato who for a time served as Trump's press secretary. Rarely, however, have we seen a double act like the one put on by the British pilot.

Lewis Hamilton's opening was graced by a denim jacket in front only. Where one would normally expect to see proper American workwear there was an oversized khaki jacket, with weaves at the front and hems for a finish that was more suited to Matrix Zion than Biwabik in Minnesota. It's a sign of the current age of denim experimentalism, where the likes of Heliot Emil and Alyx have twisted the seams of orthodox denim. The result is a jacket as great as this one.

If the first act was post-apocalyptic, the second became more refined, formal and clean, with a high-necked blue suit. It's the kind of clean structure found everywhere from the 4th arrondissement to traditional Japanese school uniforms; a low-effort, high-impact way to receive the ultimate fashion-lover's blessing: in short, it's chic. Photographers happily captured this stunning one-two punch, but we know it was no accident. Hamilton wanted it and it won't be his last long walk to Jimmy Kimmel's studio.


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