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Kirsten Dunst turns 40

Kirsten Dunst turns 40: the day before yesterday she starred as a child in “Jumanji”, today with her husband and children (and happy). For several years now she has finally felt free from the pressure of fame. But the path was not easy.

Growing up in the spotlight is a downside that Kirsten Dunst can hardly bear. And she has been for 37 years, that is, since she was a child star. Today she turns 40 is obviously still like that.

After all, hers is a singular life, without privacy or control right from the red carpet accompanied by her mother. She then became even more indecipherable with the kit that she always follows to success: inferences, rumors, flirtations, inquiries about her physique, about her face that gives way, about her bargaining power. Yet, between raised walls and confessions, Dunst has, who knows if with logic, flair or just character, built one of the most interesting sequences of characters among those who hang out in Hollywood.

In addition to having revealed a non-conforming personality, never aligned. Like Lux Lisbon, she is the most beautiful and enterprising of Sofia Coppola’s Virgin suicides.

Kirsten Dunst “against” Hollywood

Perfect identikit of the star whose every detail you want to know, Kirsten has been called to reveal aspects of her private life to stop biased rumors about her. But she also ended up at the center of heated controversy following some utterances.

For example, when she discloses that she smokes marijuana. It was 2007: “I drink moderately, I’ve tried some drugs and I like weed. I find the American point of view ridiculous. I’m not saying you have to be high all day, because exaggeration can hinder your creativity, but if everyone smoked weed, the world would be a better place. ” Her words perhaps spoken naively, perhaps too lightly, which forced her to return publicly to the subject.

When she spent a period in rehab in 2008, at Cirque Lodge in Utah, she revealed it herself, in order to avoid further allegations about her alleged alcohol and drug abuse. The stay in the clinic had nothing to do with her excesses, but with depression. “It’s a very serious thing that doesn’t deserve gossip,” she points out.

Growing up, youth raids become a distant memory, but in November 2021, in an interview with The Sunday Times, she speaks openly about that period. “I was angry and I was trying to suppress my anger, but I didn’t realize it. It was an unconscious reaction, ”she declares. «It is difficult for me to talk about such a personal topic, but sharing is important. We need to ask for help, I have waited too long ».

Depression and Marie Antoinette

Depression can affect anyone, even those with a bright career. Indeed, perhaps it is precisely in these cases that one is most exposed. Dunst made his debut at the age of 3. At 6 of her came her first film, Woody Allen’s New York Stories. At 12 her Interview with the vampire alongside Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt. In the same year she Little Women, followed, among others, by Jumanjii and The Garden of Suicides. Her success dwarfs and exposes her, and she is still only 16 years old.

From 2000 onwards she starred in several films, most of them successful. Among these the Spider-Man saga, Mona Lisa Smile, If you leave me I erase you, Wimbledon, Elizabethtown, Marie Antoinette, Melancholia, The right to count. With Jane Campion’s The Power of the Dog she wins her first Oscar nomination for Best Actress.

In addition to cinema, there are exceptional rehearsals in the Fargo series, on the set of which she meets Jesse Plemons, and in On becoming a god in central Florida.

The loves of Kirsten Dunst

And speaking of Plemons, the two have been together since 2016 and have two children: Ennis Howard and James Robert, born in 2018 and 2021 respectively. Motherhood gave Dunst the freedom she needed. The lightness of her that she, perhaps, she was not allowed, as happens to every enfant prodige.

“I only really felt free after my first child was born,” she confessed. A circle that closes, after years in which the search for herself was hindered by the constant spotlight.

Before meeting her partner, the love life of the beautiful Kirsten was quite eventful. Among the first important stories shown to the world, those with his colleague Jake Gyllenhaal, which lasted about two years, from 2002 to 2004. Later he dated the English singer Johnny Borrell, frontman of Razorlight, and the actor Garrett Hedlund, known on the set of the film On the road. On the other hand, the flirtations attributed to them over the years are different. Among the most famous, those with Josh Hartnett, Fabrizio Moretti and Tobey Maguire.


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Sources: IO Donna, Vanity Fair, Oggi


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