Kim Kardashian: Her new, minimalist in-ear headphones are so stylish

Kim Kardashian's new in-ear headphones are now also available in Germany and we love the minimalist design that isn't even noticeable in the ear.

In-ear headphones have experienced a real hype in the last two years. Many new headphones were bought, mainly due to the pandemic and the associated home office. We have already tested the best in-ear headphones for you and are now looking forward to a completely new model that was created in collaboration with Kim Kardashian. In addition to the good sound, the focus is of course, how could it be otherwise with Kim K, on ​​the design.

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Kim Kardashian's new in-ear headphones are so cool

The “Beats Fit Pro” in-ear headphones, which were created in cooperation with Kim Kardashian, are simple, elegant and minimalistic. The "Beats x Kim" remind us of Kim's shapewear line "Skims" because the wireless in-ear headphones come in three neutral skin tones (Moon, Dune and Earth). Finally a pair of headphones that not only sit super comfortably in the ear, but also match the color perfectly, so that they hardly stand out when you wear them. What we no longer want to do without in headphones and what Kim K also has: the integrated noise-canceling function, which blocks out ambient noise so that you can not only do sports with the headphones, but also work in peace. The in-ear headphones are also ideal for travelling, because you can not only block out annoying noises on the plane, train or car, but also lie comfortably on the ear thanks to the elastic ear hooks, which lie completely in the auricle.

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“Beats x Kim”: technical details

The "Beats Fit Pro" in-ear headphones are wireless, connect via Bluetooth and charge in the matching color lase case. With a full charge, you can listen to music for up to six hours straight and in just five minutes you can recharge your battery for a full hour. If you keep plugging the headphones into the charging case from time to time, the battery will last for up to 18 hours.

The two multifunction buttons on both sides can be programmed as desired using a mobile phone. For example, you can start or pause your music or answer calls with a light tap on your ear. Incidentally, the headphones are not only compatible with iPhone and Co., but also with Android devices. We like: The packaging of the "Beats Fit Pro" consists of 89 percent raw materials from waste paper recycling and/or from sustainably managed forests.

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