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Kim Kardashian: Her “Half-Tucked Ponytail” is the best mix of ponytail and chignon

Kim Kardashian's new favourite hairstyle is the simplest hairstyle imaginable and you can wear it with long, short, dry or wet hair.

Kim Kardashian has dared quite a few hairstyle experiments lately. So she's been a beauty chameleon, so to speak, coming up with a new look every day.

Her latest hairstyle? The "half-tucked ponytail", with which she already showed herself in August at her sister Kylie's event at the product launch of Kylie Cosmetics.  There, Kim presented a new look that we haven't seen from her before. Her hair was tied back in a half-up ponytail – just like most of us do when we get up in the morning. So nothing new, but thanks to Kim K, suddenly a trend we think is pretty cool!

The special thing about this look is the sleek shape at the front, which looks elegant and is perfect for the office, in combination with the casual ponytail chignon mix. Besides, the hairstyle is perfect for a greasy roots when you don't have time or feel like washing your hair. 

The best part? Most of us already have practice styling the classic "at home" hairstyle. But Kim Kardashian is now giving the push to wear the hairstyle outside the home. And we're happy to see that another "bedtime hairstyle" – like this one – has been given a glamorous makeover. Although we don't need Kim Kardashian to wear our "chiller hairstyle" with pride outside too! Now we're going to show you how you can change up the half-tucked ponytail.

Half-tucked ponytail: how to vary it

The great thing about this trendy hairstyle is that you can wear it with any hair texture and length. It's especially elegant with straight hair, which you can even style really sleek with a little hair gel. Alternatively, just smooth the hair at the top of the head and use a curling iron to lightly curl the ends that stick out from the back of the bun. Or simply pull it all together without styling and fix it with a little hairspray.


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