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Kevin Hart tequila

Kevin Hart tequila

Meet Gran Coramino Tequila, founded by Kevin Hart and Juan Domingo Beckman, the 11th generation tequila maker. Gran Colamino comes in two styles of him, Reposado Cristalino and Anejo, which are very smooth.

Kevin Hart tequila is the best?

Their Reposado Cristalino and Anejo are complex, smooth tequila made from hand-picked pinas harvested at peak ripeness. Both tequilas are roasted in traditional stone ovens and aged in barrels. Cristalino is then aged in California cabernet wine barrels and slowly filtered. Anejo, on the other hand, is aged and blended precisely with Anejo aged in ex-cognac barrels, making both tequilas so unique. A partnership of vision and passion

Gran Coramino is the culmination of two personal journeys. Kevin Hart is known for his work ethic and focus on excellence. He spent years searching for the perfect partner to make high quality tequila. Juan Domingo Beckmann is his 11th generation tequila maker with a family that has created not only the tequila category but also the Anejo and Cristalino tequila styles. Juan continues to be at the forefront of tequila innovation. From beautiful designs to delicious e-liquids, the craftsmanship, care and passion of our two founders are infused into every bottle.

Gran Colamino Cristalino and Anejo will be honored. Both can be enjoyed individually. Enjoy them as they are, add ice to refresh them, or mix other ingredients to satisfy whatever flavor you have in mind.

Kevin Hart tequila

Where is Kevin Hart's tequila made?

Kevin is now part of the team in Mexico. You couldn't think of a better partner to accompany them on the journey and introduce Gran Colamino to a new global community of tequila drinkers," said Gran Colamino, who is the founder and 11th generation tequila producer of Tequila.

Where is Gran Coramino Tequila made?

Gran Colamino is a tequila brand created in collaboration with entertainer Kevin Hart and 11th generation tequila producer Juan Domingo Beckmann. Made from 100% Weber Blue Agave distilled at the La Rohenha distillery in Tequila, Mexico.

What is Cristalino? Cristalino, Spanish for "crystal", is a tequila aged in charcoal-filtered oak barrels. As the name suggests, they are generally transparent, but some have a slight tint. This process is similar to many white rums and can also be aged in barrels to remove color.

Drink Gran Coramino Tequila with Kevin Hart

He may be one of the funniest people alive, but his entrepreneurial spirit shines through when Kevin Hart talks about his new brand of tequila. After debuting with Cristalino last spring, Gran He Coramino has released his second bottling. This is an Anejo blended with American he oak and French he aged in oak barrels for a year and then in cognac barrels. We spoke with Kevin about why he got into the tequila business, what he learned from drinking with Jay-Z, and what he believes are the keys to his track record.

What was your first drink?

Kevin Hart: good. It's deep in the memory bank. I'm sure it was a version of something that wasn't great. I didn't have much time. not really! It wasn't terrible, it was a neighborhood favorite:
Boone's farm. It was affordable when I was younger.

Kevin Hart tequila

When did you first learn to taste tequila?

Kevin Hart: I've always been a tequila drinker. In the early days of my tequila obsession, tequila was 1000% the patron's choice. I liked the reaction when I drank it. Being in my early twenties, Patron was a perfect fit for me.

What made you decide to launch your own Gran Coramino brand?

Kevin Hart: Things are going. The world of tequila has grown a lot in the last 15-20 years. I can say that I have been sitting here at his 43 years old and have witnessed this growth. It can be said that we have witnessed the phases, changes and developments of the premium world. The more I understood, the more I became a fan. I went to Mexico to try and get more knowledge. As I became more successful in life, the opportunity arose to join the world of alcohol and create my own version of the thing.I wanted to do it right and invest 100%.Slap your name on something So making your own tequila and being part of the process from the ground up meant ticking all the right boxes. I put it in.

You team up with Juan Domingo Beckmann, whose family owns Jose Cuervo…

Kevin Hart: I would say he is a great partner. The success he's had throughout his career – his family has been successful in tequila for 11 generations – the knowledge, the relationships he brought. In that space he could really embed himself. He is not just there, he gets his knowledge. I went full speed ahead.

My number one priority was getting money in my mouth. He doesn't just appear as a guy expecting a take, he's a give and take. I wanted to play a big part in the game, so I knew my involvement was everywhere, you get him 1000% from me and my skills. The goal is to create a successful brand. Something that gives you the chance to have a permanent identity in this space. I wish Granco Lamino was like that.

What was your vision for the tequila you wanted to create?

Kevin Hart: I wanted to solve a problem that I personally grappled with over the years with drinking tequila. It shouldn't involve a high-level warm-up where you take a sip of tequila and think, 'Oh, please stop.' I wanted to make a nice, smooth tequila. rice field. It's been around for a long time, but many people don't even know it exists. A clear reposado? They think it's a swing. Affordable and premium quality, I think I threw it out of the park.People react to the product with this shock factor because they assumed it was not good. I wanted to exceed expectations, but most importantly, to impress people with a taste that would keep them coming back.

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