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Kate Moss: “Johnny Depp never pushed me down the stairs”

The British supermodel intervenes via video at the ongoing trial in Virginia and denies Amber Heard, according to which her ex-husband, during a vacation in Jamaica in the 90s, had pushed his then-girlfriend Kate down the stairs of a hotel. “I slipped and he immediately rescued me,” said the model instead.

Johnny Depp never pushed me down the stairs. Kate Moss is firm and determined, called to testify in the trial against Amber Heard sued for defamation by the star of the Pirates of the Caribbean.

The British supermodel, who from 1994 to 1998 was a steady couple with the then American sex symbol, was summoned as a witness by Depp’s lawyers, after Amber Heard, who accuses her ex-husband of domestic violence, had sued for Twice, in her depositions, Kate Moss, claiming that, at the time of their relationship in the 90s, Johnny Depp would have pushed his girlfriend down the stairs while they were on vacation in Jamaica. But this is just an urban legend and today the British model has reiterated it.

She did so with a video testimony just 5 minutes from her home in Gloucestershire (she didn’t bother to fly to Fairfax, Virginia to reiterate what seemed obvious to her) in which, wearing a black jacket and a blouse buttoned up to the neck, she claimed that the ex-boyfriend never “pushed her, kicked her, nor threw her down any ladder.”

“We were leaving the room and Johnny was out before me,” Moss told Depp’s attorney, Benjamin Chew. “But there had been a storm and the stairs were slippery. I fell and hurt my back. I screamed, it’s true, but because I felt a lot of pain and I didn’t know what had happened, I didn’t know if the situation was serious».

At that point, according to the model’s story, the actor immediately ran back to her rescue: “Johnny rushed to help me, took me back to my room and called a doctor,” he said.

In short, after Courtney Love – who in a video on YouTube said she was saved by Depp from an overdose thanks to a cardio-pulmonary resuscitation in 1995 – and her colleague Eva Green, a few days after the end of the trial, who closes May 27, Johnny Depp collects a new authoritative (and famous) voice in his favor. But there are those who have already issued their sentence. It is the web court, which even before the jury has already decided: Johnny Depp has won.


Author: Michael Zippo
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Sources: VanityFair, IO Donna

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