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Kate Moss: “I could only tell the truth about Johnny Depp”

The model, who had been called to testify in the Depp-Heard trial by her ex's lawyers, reiterated in an interview with the BBC that she was totally honest in her statement: "I know the truth and I had to tell it."

"I could only tell the truth."  Kate Moss for the first time speaks of the testimony in favor of Johnny Depp in the trial against Amber Heard and she does so with a firmness that leaves no room for doubt: «I know the truth. I know he didn't push me down the stairs and I had to tell you this truth," she said in an iconic interview on BBC's Desert Island Discs radio show.

Kate Moss, who had been linked to Johnny Depp between 1994 and 1998, was summoned as a witness by Depp's lawyers after Amber Heard, who accused her ex-husband of domestic violence, had twice sued in depositions, the model, claiming that, at the time of their relationship, Johnny Depp would push her down the stairs while they were on vacation in Jamaica.

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Kate Moss had intervened in the classroom "remotely" with a video of just 5 minutes and had said that it was only an accident: "We were leaving the room and Johnny had left before me, but there had been a storm and the stairs were slippery. I fell and hurt my back. I screamed, it's true, but because I felt a lot of pain and I didn't know what had happened, I didn't know if the situation was serious». The supermodel then added that her then boyfriend had immediately rushed to her rescue: "Johnny ran to help me, took me back to my room and called a doctor", she told Depp's lawyers in Virginia.

Her testimony had been a misstep in Amber Heard's defense, but Kate Moss reiterated on the radio that she did nothing but say things exactly as they were. "I believe in truth and I believe in justice," she said, also recalling when she testified in favor of the designer John Galliano convicted in 2011 for anti-Semitism in France. “I know John Galliano is not a bad person, but he had alcoholism problems. And when you drink it is no longer you, you say things you would never say if you were sober».

Although the separation from Depp was one of the most painful events of her life for the English model, the former couple remained on excellent terms. "I cried for years when we broke up," Moss told Vanity Fair in the past. “No one before Johnny had really taken care of me and I trusted him blindly. He was a point of reference and this was the thing I missed the most when it ended between us».

In the same interview with the BBC, Kate Moss also recounted her beginnings as a model faced practically alone, although a minor: when at 15 she ran away from the studio of a photographer who had asked her to undress ("She told me: take off your shirt . I took it off, I was very shy, full of insecurities about my body. Then she said to me: take off your bra. And I felt inside that something was wrong, so I took my things and ran away. Now I know how to distinguish from a distance. who's fine and who's not ”), of her mother who didn't accompany her to the casting, of the Valium taken before the advertising campaign that made her famous globally, of how“ vulnerable ”and fragile she felt.

Today, however, at the age of 48, she has become a conscious, solid and upright woman. That she does not allow herself to be overwhelmed by events and that, on the contrary, she only follows her path. The road to truth, at any cost.

Author: Michael Zippo
[email protected]


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