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Kate Middleton, queen of the garden party at Buckingham Palace

The Duchess of Cambridge did the honors along with the Earls of Wessex at the second garden party of the season. Absent, as already anticipated by the Palace, Queen Elizabeth, who is sparing her strength for the celebrations of the Platinum Jubilee.

Coral total look and sky-high mood accompanied by dazzling smiles: Kate Middleton, known for not missing a beat, is perfectly at ease even in the gardens of Buckingham Palace, the undisputed star of a garden party that was held on the afternoon of Wednesday 18 May. With her, the Earls of Wessex: Edward, the youngest son of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, and his wife Sophie, who since Harry and Meghan “resigned” from their role as senior royals have found themselves in the spotlight, with a full agenda.

In Buckingham Palace, it was this unusual albeit close-knit trio that did the honors. It was the second garden party of the season. The first, last week, was attended by Carlo and Camilla, currently on an official trip to Canada. The queen, on the other hand, gave up.

The confirmation of her absence had arrived at the beginning of May, arousing not a few concerns among subjects and royal watchers. “Mobility problems,” read the official statement released by the Palace. The sovereign, in fact, has recently been seen often moving with a cane and considering the commitments that will involve her in the coming weeks on the occasion of the celebrations for her Platinum Jubilee, her agenda has been streamlined.

Garden parties

Garden parties are important events, although apparently only very trendy. Organized to recognize the citizens’ service to the community, many people always participate, eager to meet the members of the royal family. Handshakes, some small talk and a rigorous dress code are the fundamental characteristics. To inaugurate the tradition, Queen Victoria. At the time the guests were only members of the aristocracy, but today their purpose is very different, even the six requirements to access remain strict.

Two more are scheduled: May 25, also at Buckingham Palace, and June 29, at Holyroodhouse, the Queen’s Scottish residence. It is not yet known who will do the honors, but we could certainly see Kate again at least on one occasion, as well as Carlo and Camilla. The monarchy is now increasingly in their hands.

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